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10 Franchises To Ring in the New Year

These 10 franchise brands are well equipped to help customers achieve their resolutions.

New year, new you — that’s what they say, right? 

With the start of any new year comes a familiar batch of resolutions and goals: weight loss, more reading, home renovations and a host of other commitments to self-improvement. 

If one of your goals is to own your own business, it’s worth considering how other people’s resolutions can be leveraged. There is no shortage of franchise businesses dedicated to helping customers improve their lives, after all.

Here is our list of 10 franchise brands that are helping people achieve their goals, putting them in a strong position to grow at the start of 2021.

Fitness & Wellness Concepts


  • Startup Costs: $87,000—$140,001
  • Units: 50-plus

One of the most common new year’s resolutions people adopt is dedication to exercise and weight loss. But during a pandemic, when gyms are either closed or restricted to limited capacities, commitment to fitness is a hard goal for consumers to achieve. That’s why in-home personal training brands like GYMGUYZ are becoming some of the most desirable franchise opportunities around. 

GYMGUYZ brings certified personal trainers and equipment directly to the consumer in their home, office or place of business. With more than 50 locations operating already, the mobile gym franchise is inspiring consumers across the country, making them feel healthier and more confident in their fitness journey.

BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers*

  • Startup Costs: $155,650—$208,450
  • Units: 24

Many people start off a new year with the goal to feel better in their bodies and lead healthier lifestyles, and most plan to achieve that goal through diets or exercise. But those are not the only options. BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers offer a unique concept in the weight-loss segment, providing a holistic approach to wellness that focuses on how hormones affect a person’s health and weight. Through non-medical, plant-based practices, BeBalanced is helping women restore their confidence and take charge of the year ahead.

Elements Massage

  • Startup Costs: $251,950—$491,350
  • Units: 250-plus

Wellness isn’t all about weight loss; therapeutic massage can also help consumers feel healthier, too. Backed by multi-brand franchisor Wellbiz Brands, Elements Massage is a premier massage therapy franchise that focuses exclusively on massage. 

Thanks to the success of its customizable membership program and an increasing base of members, Elements has grown to more than 250 locations across the U.S. and Canada and has become an industry leader in the massage and wellness space.

Healthy Eating Concepts

Clean Juice

  • Startup Costs: $259,000—$502,500
  • Units: 100-plus

Healthier eating is one of the most common new year’s resolutions, and today’s consumers are more health-conscious than ever before, paying closer attention to what they’re eating and where it’s coming from. 

Clean Juice is taking the organic food industry by storm with its mission to serve fresh juices, smoothies, salads and bowls to its growing number of communities across the country. With more than 100 locations already open and 55 more in development, Clean Juice and its dedication to clean eating is proving to be more than just a trend. 

Aloha Poke Co.

  • Startup Costs: $138,800—$357,700
  • Units: 19

Clean eating isn’t just about choosing a healthier meal, it’s about choosing a more sustainable one as well. Aloha Poke Co. is on a mission to “rethink fast food for the future” and serve delicious poke bowls full of fresh, sushi-grade fish and Hawaiian-inspired ingredients. The franchises’ simple, purposeful menu is sourced from sustainable practices to help the consumer and franchise owner feel better about where their food is coming from. From farm-raised salmon to hand-caught ahi tuna, Aloha Poke is serving only the most ethically sourced proteins to fans across its eight locations. 


  • Startup Costs: $210,607—$534,084
  • Units: 100-plus

What’s more synonymous with healthy eating than salad? Health food franchise, Saladworks puts an emphasis on consumers’ ability to take charge of their meal and fuel their originality. With more than 60 flavor combinations, customers can eat to their hearts’ content with a vast and diverse menu of salads, wraps, grain bowls and sandwiches. 

Home-Based Concepts

Green Home Solutions*

  • Startup Costs: $51,900—$149,500
  • Units: 213

In a COVID-conscious world, many people are becoming more aware of cleanliness and of the air they’re breathing. Green Home Solutions is an air-quality franchise that provides affordable solutions to help treat mold, odor and moisture issues in residential and commercial buildings. 

But Green Home Solutions doesn’t just treat homes, it uses scientifically-backed, eco-conscious treatments to kill any airborne impurities and provide cleaner breathing to consumers in 73 territories across the U.S. 

Maid Right

  • Startup Costs: $99,375—$141,500
  • Units: 21

Many of us picked up a new hobby in 2020: disinfecting! And with a COVID vaccine on the way, chances are we won’t be putting that hobby away in 2021. 

As people continue to spend the majority of their time at home, there’s heavy emphasis on keeping that home clean to ensure that no one gets sick. Residential cleaning franchise Maid Right is standing out in the cleaning service space with eco-friendly products and its MR Shield, a disinfecting mist that destroys 99% of germs, bacteria and viruses and protects surfaces even days after initial cleaning. 

With 21 locations already operating across the country, the franchise is taking advantage of the cleaning service boom as it looks to expand even further.

Decor & You

  • Startup Costs: Available Upon Inquiry
  • Units: 13-plus

Keeping things clean is certainly important, but it’s not the only thing people are conscious of as they spend more time at home — they’re also looking for ways to upgrade their living spaces. Decor is one of the first things homeowners are eager to update.

Interior-design franchise Decor & You allows franchisees to play designer without the commitment to a brick-and-mortar store. The brand prides itself in being approachable, knowledgeable style advisors who can decorate every room of a home or commercial office space. Decor & You provides custom decor guidance to customers in more than 13 territories throughout the U.S., making homeowners and small business owners feel excited about their space again.

Plan Ahead Events

  • Startup Costs: $36,000—$40,000
  • Units: 100-plus

Countless weddings, parties and events were canceled or postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic, which leaves 2021 with a pent up demand to celebrate. For prospective franchisees, that means it’s time to start planning. Plan Ahead Events is a full-service, event-management franchise that invites those who possess the party-planning gene to help serve the brand at locations worldwide. From company-wide meetings to baby and bridal showers, Plan Ahead Events uses its cutting-edge industry knowledge to create stand-out events for its clients.

*This brand is a paid partner of 1851 Franchise. For more information on paid partnerships please click here.