2019 Food Predictions
2019 Food Predictions

Restaurant industry thought leaders call out kelp, oat milk, fermentation and more.

According to an article in Tampa Bay Times, Whole Foods assembled “26 subject experts” to comment on the flavors and ingredients consumers can expect to see more of in 2019.

“They predict we will see more exotic Pacific Rim flavors,” the article said. Consumers can also expect to see more “probiotics functional foods and nutrition bars that cater to the keto, paleo and grain-free eaters,” according to the article.

Other forthcoming flavors include “chocolate hummus,” “hemp-based” options, “plant-based meat alternatives, veggie-carb substitutes for traditional starches and globally inspired menu items (especially for breakfast, things like shakshouka, the egg-and-tomato-sauce dish),” as well as “innovative cuts of meat,” among others.

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