A Conversation with Dunkin’ Executive Chairman Nigel Travis: Part 2
A Conversation with Dunkin’ Executive Chairman Nigel Travis: Part 2

In the second of a four-part interview series with 1851 Franchise, the former Dunkin’, Papa John’s and Blockbuster executive offers insight into is past experiences and the changes that happened during his tenure with Papa John’s.

Currently, Nigel Travis is known for serving as the Executive Chair of Dunkin’. However, Dunkin’ isn’t the only brand with which he’s worked — he previously served as the President and CEO of Papa John’s.

In the second part of his exclusive interview series with 1851 Franchise, Travis detailed some of the work that he did with Papa John’s, including overcoming the misconception that franchisees and franchisors were at odds with their goals.

He said, “There is often a dichotomy, or a gap, between the franchisees and corporate. And very often, that gap is created for two reasons. One is there’s not enough communication — that’s the general catch all, if you like. But the real reason often is that there [are] opposing economic needs. In other words, franchisees, as I’m sure you know through your work, often think what corporate does is taking money away from them.”

Travis also touched on the current turbulence that’s happening at Papa John’s after founder John Schnatter resigned following his use of a racial slur on a conference call.

He added, “I think it’s sad because it’s a great company. John invented a great brand, and I think what’s going on can only be described as sad for everyone at Papa John’s — the franchisees and even the consumers.”

For the full interview, check out the above video. You can also watch part one of our interview series with Travis here