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Anchored Tiny Homes' Rapid Expansion Leaves Less Than 300 Territories Available for Ambitious Entrepreneurs

The leading accessory dwelling unit (ADU) franchise has seen explosive growth in the past year. As territory availability dwindles nationwide, now is the time to secure your spot in the market.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 7:07AM 06/26/24

After significantly increasing its footprint in the first quarter of 2024, Anchored Tiny Homes, the leading accessory dwelling unit (ADU) builder franchise in the country, now has numerous territories open and many more in progress. With this recent expansion, Anchored Tiny Homes has less than a third of its total available territories left to award across the entire nation.

“Anchored Tiny Homes has seen incredible growth over the past year, and the interest just keeps coming,” CEO Colton Paulhus said. “We have streamlined our discovery, onboarding and launch processes, so we can really get these franchisees going as quickly as they can sign. It’s possible we’ll be entirely sold out in the next eight to 10 months.”

Currently, Anchored Tiny Homes is targeting development in Houston, Seattle, Miami, Dallas, and New York City, as well as Charlotte and Raleigh in North Carolina and Tampa, Jacksonville and Orlando in Florida.

While Anchored Tiny Homes is not strictly mandating it, Paulhus says he highly recommends that franchisees joining the brand do so with a multi-unit investment.

“The demand is rolling in so quickly, and we want to make sure our franchisees are capturing the full extent of the opportunity they’re pursuing,” he said. “They’re already making a notable investment, and it’s a marginal increase to add another territory to the agreement. I’m really encouraging prospective owners to think about signing for a second or third territory to give themselves the space to grow a really powerful business; I don’t want them to have regrets when they max out a single territory and don’t have any more space to continue growing.”

As Anchored Tiny Homes fields ongoing demand from franchisees, the entire system continues to enjoy a unique place in the real estate market. Despite a slight cooling of the market, the housing shortage is still pacing far ahead of any progress individual builders have made.

With a persistent shortage of seven to 10 million homes across the U.S., families continue to turn to accessory dwelling units (ADUs) to provide additional housing on a shared lot and at a much lower cost than a new single-family home.

“The need for affordable housing nationwide is impossible to ignore,” Paulhus said. “Until we can fix the inaccessibility caused by both lack of supply and growing prices, people will continue to struggle to achieve the dream of home ownership. ADUs provide a foundation for people to begin walking down that path, and franchisees who bring Anchored Tiny Homes to their markets will be celebrated changemakers, positively impacting the lives of friends, family and neighbors in their communities.” 

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