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Anchored Tiny Homes: The Road Less Traveled

According to CEO Colton Paulhus, embracing discomfort is the way to carve out a path for success in entrepreneurial ventures as well as personal growth and development.

By Erica InmanStaff Writer
SPONSORED 8:08AM 04/23/24

Colton Paulhus, CEO of Anchored Tiny Homes and Anchored Brands, recently shared his insights on how entrepreneurs can and should take the road less traveled on his podcast, The Paulhus Podcast

“Wide is the gate that leads to average and narrow is the gate that leads to success,” Paulhus said. 

In the video, Paulhus reflected on his journey toward personal and professional growth, sharing his realization of the sacrifices he needed to make to achieve his goals. He gave the example of prioritizing his physical and mental health.

“To achieve something at the highest level you have to understand you're going to have to make inherent sacrifices around your life and around your routine and around your habits,” Paulhus said.

Paulhus encouraged listeners to pursue greatness by embracing discomfort. He stressed the need for self-reflection and determination in achieving success, advocating for consistent effort and a mindset focused on continuous learning and improvement. He referenced how he applied these strategies, making small, consistent choices to make a massive impact on his fitness journey.

“Over the last four months, I've lost 70 pounds, so that'll give you a road map to say that it was just a couple key decisions that led my life down a successful path,” he said.

Paulhus also emphasized the importance of surrounding yourself with supportive networks and mentors to make the journey towards growth more attainable. Through mindful decisions, consistent efforts and a network of support, he explained that you can start carving out your path to success.

“Who we become is the most important thing, so take the road less traveled,” he said. “Don't be afraid to go after your dreams and don't be afraid to believe in yourself because you are worth it.”

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