Apple Pie Capital Makes Franchise Financing Easy as Pie
Apple Pie Capital Makes Franchise Financing Easy as Pie

1851 sits down for an interview with John Neff, Chief Marketing Officer of ApplePie Capital.

From the first bite to dessert, ApplePie Capital provides a full-course offering for franchise brands looking to enter or grow within the franchise industry.

ApplePie Capital enables high-quality franchise brands, entrepreneurs and investors to achieve the growth and financial rewards they are looking for. By connecting qualified borrowers, proven brands and a diverse network of capital providers, ApplePie Capital is increasing financial efficiencies and assisting entrepreneurs in starting and expanding their businesses to new communities.

“We provide access to quick and efficient financing to start, expand, acquire, remodel, refinance or recapitalize a franchise business while enabling entrepreneurs to avoid the headaches of traditional financing,” said Chief Marketing Officer John Neff.

When looking to grow, it can be difficult to know what type of growth reflects the most financial responsibility. Each franchise has different goals when it comes to expanding the business. ApplePie Capital is able to identify the right loan for the right situation that aligns with the brand’s goal.

“We do the hard work to evaluate funding options provided by our lending sources, and guide you to the right loan for your stage of growth,” said Neff.

For multi-unit rollouts, ApplePie Capital has developed a custom financial roadmap that maximizes the liquidity essential to open units on schedule. However, it is important to be realistic in development expectations for your franchisees. If a brand has a long ramp-up period to break even, franchisees and lenders will want to have visibility into when the existing operations will have positive cash flow before opening or lending money for additional units.

“We understand the complexity and time constraints that one faces in efficiently financing a business,” said Neff. We’ve created a transformative lending network to suit one’s financial needs and reduce the headaches and inefficiency of working separately across individual lenders.”

When it comes to franchise financing trends to look for in the future, ApplePie Capital expects to see recapitalization fostering more efficient growth.

“In reviewing franchise businesses, we often see opportunities to use recapitalization loans (business must have been in operation for at least two years) to generate liquidity without creating excessive leverage,” said Neff. “ApplePie Capital now offers a Dividend Recapitalization Program that can help you use the equity in your franchise business to generate liquidity and other necessary assets.”