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Atlanta-Based Kitchen Wise Franchisee Proves No Construction Experience is Needed to Become a Successful Franchise Owner

With all of the support offered by the Premium Service Brands team, Kitchen Wise franchisees can focus on providing the greatest customer experience possible and connecting with their community without the need for construction or real estate expertise.

Katie Block comes from a background in hospitality, an industry founded on building relationships with clients. 

“I majored in hospitality business. Over my career, I’ve worked as a sales representative for a variety of brands,” said Block. “I’ve organized large conventions in major cities like Chicago, Atlanta and Las Vegas. My primary experience is contracting large meetings and conventions for major hotel brands.”

When Block decided it was time to pursue a business ownership opportunity of her own, she wanted something new and fresh but also something that would lend itself to her skill set. That is when she found Kitchen Wise, a kitchen-remodeling franchise recently acquired by Premium Service Brands with eleven locations across the country. Kitchen Wise helps people declutter their homes and make their kitchens, pantries and bathrooms more efficient and elegantly designed. 

With the backing of PSB and the company’s unparalleled franchise-support systems, which include resources for technology, marketing, customer service and much more, Kitchen Wise is continuing to appeal to talented and ambitious franchisees in markets across the U.S. Plus, as Americans spend more time at home due to the pandemic, Kitchen Wise’s franchise opportunity is becoming more relevant than ever.

The best part? Thanks to the brand’s industry-leading support and streamlined business model, Kitchen Wise franchisees like Block don’t need any construction or design experience.

“The Kitchen Wise business opportunity is primarily consultative,” said chief development officer Iric Wexler. “Our franchisees spend their days working with customers, troubleshooting problems, coming up with a plan and selling their service. Kitchen Wise franchise ownership is for the individual who enjoys being out in the community, networking and building relationships.”

Block is one of those ideal individuals. The hospitality expert recently signed on as a franchisee with Kitchen Wise for two territories — Atlanta and North Atlanta

“The home services segment is completely different from hospitality, but it requires a very similar process because it is sales-oriented,” said Block. “With Kitchen Wise, I saw an opportunity to open a remote business that would allow me to do what I do best — work closely with my community.” 

Block says she was also interested in organization and design work, and knew it would be an interesting opportunity to work with a diverse array of clients. “My favorite part of Kitchen Wise is the ability to see so many completely different kitchen designs and setups and use that experience to take away ideas for the next client,” she said. “Plus, since we provide strategic upgrades that transform kitchens without any construction or demolition, it is all done efficiently and at an affordable price.”

Kitchen Wise provides a high quality product, quick turnaround times and rapid response to the needs of the customer, which is what sets it apart from the competition. “The kitchen is one of the top places where people want to do projects and make improvements, and the brand is not doing any major demolition — they're taking everything in place and making it better and more efficient,” said Wexler.

The true key to Kitchen Wise’s lucrative franchise opportunity, according to Block, is its access to premium products and vendors. By connecting franchisees to a roster of reliable vendors, the Kitchen Wise team ensures franchisees have access to the products needed to provide dramatic and efficient kitchen upgrades. Once the products are selected, all that’s left to do is install them, which is a much faster and less invasive process than traditional renovations.

When it comes to the process of installing, Block says she is no expert, but has all of the support she needs. “Kitchen Wise franchisees are given all the training and resources they need,” she said. “I am knowledgeable about how the products are installed, but I don’t need to have that experience or skill set.”

Premium Service Brands’ support infrastructure extends far beyond servicing the client — all franchise owners are paired with a coach and they are provided a five-to-ten-year business plan. The business coach will then take that plan and work backwards to set goals. The franchisees also meet with the coaches for an hour each week to dive into analytics, adjust production plans, build marketing strategies and analyze the profitability of their business. The PSB team also helps with recruiting and training as Kitchen Wise franchisees grow and start to hire sales representatives or in-house contractors. 

With all of the support offered by the Premium Service Brands team, franchisees can really focus on providing the greatest experience possible to the customer,” said Block. “You can always learn the technical aspect of the business later, but clients like to buy from someone they know and feel comfortable with. That is why having those social skills and the ability to be open and responsive with clients is a must.”

Dave Rychley, vice president of brand performance for Premium Service Brands, agrees that Kitchen Wise franchise ownership comes down to much more than just technical experience. 

“Successful Kitchen Wise franchisees come from a wide variety of different backgrounds,” he said. “Katie is a great example of what is needed to succeed with Kitchen Wise — passion, dedication and a desire to take control of your future with a unique, exciting opportunity to transform the homes and lives of clients.”

With 10 territories spoken for and a goal to add 20 to 25 new franchisees each year, Kitchen Wise is now actively seeking qualified franchisees in markets across the country. 

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