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Aunt and Niece Franchisee Team Navigate the Current Situation with the Help of the Amazing Lash Studio Brand

Angel Grubb and Andrea Morris detail how the Amazing Lash Studio® and WellBiz Brands Inc. teams have helped them prepare to reopen on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSORED 4:16PM 06/30/20

An entrepreneurial spirit is something that runs deep in Angel Grubb’s family. After marrying into a family that’s in the home-building business, she exercised her creative abilities to help coordinate interior design projects. Before that, she had worked in cosmetology and owned salons, but it wasn’t until she went on vacation that she was introduced to the Amazing Lash Studio® brand.

While in Florida, she exited a spa and spotted an Amazing Lash Studio location — and decided to try it out. When she looked in the mirror at her lash extensions after her service, she started crying “happy tears,” and immediately went to the front desk to learn more about the brand. It just so happened that she was heading to her winter home in Scottsdale, Arizona a few weeks later, and the leading lash extension services brand was hosting a Meet the Team Day that same week. As soon as she had a chance to speak with the Support Center team behind the Amazing Lash Studio brand, she called her niece, Andrea Morris, to tell her about the business ownership opportunity.

“About a year and a half ago, Angel came to me and said that she had an incredible experience at an Amazing Lash Studio location while she was on vacation. We had been talking for years about doing something together, but at first, I thought there was no way I was leaving my job,” said Morris. “I said I’d go check it out, and I had that same type of experience. Once I met with the Support Center team, I fell in love with the concept, and I haven’t looked back since.”

Grubb and Morris signed on to open three Amazing Lash Studio locations in their hometown of Des Moines, Iowa. The first of those locations opened up nearly six months ago, right before the COVID-19 crisis began. But while the pandemic has forced them to temporarily close their locations, creating some unexpected challenges, both Grubb and Morris are grateful that they partnered with a strong franchise system.

“The Amazing Lash Studiobrand is really nice to work with, especially throughout the COVID-19 crisis. I was on a call with the CEO of Amazing Lash Franchise the other day — when I was a teacher, I wasn’t on regular calls with our superintendent,” said Morris. “The level of support that the brand offers is unmatched. And being a franchisee with the brand also empowers me to be a leader within the franchise itself.”

Throughout the crisis, Grubb and Morris have been relying on the support that the Amazing Lash Studio brand brings to the table. They say that the guidance they’re receiving now is helping them prepare to reopen on the other side of the pandemic.

“I just completed one of the online classes that WellBiz Brands Inc. has made available to us. The Amazing Lash Studio franchise has just been wonderful to work with. When I speak to other people in business, I’m so proud to talk about how we’re handling the situation and to be a part of this brand — and I’m a part of a family business with homebuilding that’s been around for 60-plus years,” said Grubb. “Most business owners are on their own through this situation. But the Amazing Lash Studio team has been so helpful.”

Morris agrees with Grubb, echoing her gratitude for the Amazing Lash Studio brand’s support throughout the COVID-19 crisis. She added, “The Amazing Lash Studio brand has given us a 40-page playbook that breaks down, step-by-step, exactly what we needed to do in order to prepare for reopening. From getting our team and guests ready to reopen to new sanitation procedures and the supplies we’ll need to have, they have provided great guidance on what we need to do. It feels good to be a part of something that even through a crisis, they’re right there for you all the time.”

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