Back-to-School Shopping? Taco Bell Has You Covered
Back-to-School Shopping? Taco Bell Has You Covered

It’s a supreme collection we never knew we needed.

Taco Bell backpack? Check. Taco Bell backpack pins? Check. Taco Bell pens, pencils and notebook? Check, check and check. According to Elite Daily, the QSR food chain officially launched its back-to-school collection to help students serve looks, if not Cheesy Gordita Crunches.

The new merchandise dropped August 20 and has everything students need to prep for school––comfortable clothing, a pencil case, a coffee mug and even a hot sauce packet-shaped USB. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen restaurant franchises make a name for themselves in the apparel industry. McDonald’s offers a whole new wardrobe of options to choose from its online shop and KFC sells anything from duffel bags to hats on its e-store. Louis Vuitton, who?

Earlier this August, Taco Bell opened its doors to its pop-up hotel––The Bell—and within minutes, the place was booked. From stepping into the hotel industry to the world of fashion, Taco Bell doesn’t seem to have a problem venturing out of its comfort zone. But hey, live más, right?

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