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Batteries Plus Targets Pittsburgh for Expansion

A major hub for industries such as education, healthcare and technology, the Steel City is the perfect market for the brand’s expansion.

Battery replacement and specialty bulbs brand Batteries Plus capitalized on a growing technology scene early in the game, opening its first store in 1988. At that time, more and more Americans were using electronic devices at work and at home, and they needed to keep those devices powered. Batteries Plus was founded to fulfill that need, and the brand enjoyed such a warm customer response that in 1992, it began to franchise. 

Today, Batteries Plus has more than 720 units across the United States, and it is now targeting an established market where the potential for further growth is huge: Pittsburgh. 

The brand is already doing well in the Keystone State, with 18 active stores, five of which are located in the Pittsburgh area. The brand opened its first Pittsburgh store in 1999. 

“Since then, we have been providing essential products and services to the community and have steadily grown our brand reputation in the market,” said Vice President of Market and Business Development Kirtis Hill. “Our concept performs very well in four-season markets like Pittsburgh because of the breadth of our offerings and being the one-stop shop for batteries, bulbs and related services.” 

The Batteries Plus leadership team believes the market can support a total of eight stores and is looking to sell territories in the nearby cities and towns of Cranberry Township, Greensburg and New Kensington. 

“All of these territories have the residential population and business density requirements that we look for when opening a new store,” Hill said. 

What’s more, the city has undergone recent transformations that make it an even more lucrative market for the battery replacement and specialty bulbs brand.

“The Batteries Plus concept works well in the Pittsburgh market because it provides essential products and services to not only retail customers but commercial businesses,” Hill said. “Pittsburgh has transformed itself into a hub for healthcare, education and technology industries. These industries are core to Batteries Plus’ commercial business and provide sales revenue that is not only consistent but often recession-proof.” 

The timing is also perfect to expand in the region. Batteries Plus Pittsburgh stores enjoyed especially high customer satisfaction scores in March of 2020. 

“We constantly get feedback that customers love our selection, friendliness and prices,” Hill said. 

Hill proudly pointed to a positive online review one of the Pittsburgh stores received earlier this year. 

“The service and knowledge of the batteries that they sold me was perfect,” a customer identified as Bryan W. wrote. “I wasn't sure of what kind of battery I should buy and they assured me that the one I purchased was the correct one for a trolling motor.”

This kind of review and customer feedback is exactly what drives the brand every day, Hill said. 

Batteries Plus also prides itself in serving customers through times of crisis. Brand stores are currently remaining open during the Coronavirus pandemic and working hard to help customers keep their devices powered. This high level of commitment has further increased the brand’s franchise value proposition. In addition to pandemics, Batteries Plus has weathered natural disasters and economic recessions. Bottom line: The brand can withstand just about any challenges taking place outside of its four walls. 

“Satisfying customers is our No. 1 brand value,” Chief Strategy Officer and Vice President of Franchise Development Jon Sica said. “We feel privileged that the local communities we serve have seen the value our owners deliver with essential products and expertise and have asked us to continue operating.”

Prospective Batteries Plus franchisees, regardless of the market in which they want to open, should have an entrepreneurial mindset and be enthusiastic about solving customer needs. After all, Batteries Plus prides itself on providing in-person, face-to-face customer service and solutions in an age when so many retailers are only offering online assistance

“Successful franchisees in the region and throughout the country have won by focusing on serving the needs of both retail and commercial customers,” Hill said. “Every day, there are more innovations and applications developed that require specialty batteries and bulbs. Customer needs are not being fulfilled by an impersonal shopping experience online or at a big box retailer. Our concept provides not only industry leading quality products but also the service and expertise that customers are craving.”

Batteries Plus enjoys a solid presence wherever it sets roots, and this is certainly the case in Pittsburgh. With a growing professional market and established retail and commercial customers, all signs are clearly pointing towards Steel City. 

The startup costs for a Batteries Plus franchise range from $1201,450 to $385,230. The franchise fee is $37,500. To learn more about franchising with Batteries Plus, visit