Batteries Plus Bulbs Celebrates Strong 2018, Expects 25 to 30 New Store Openings in 2019
Batteries Plus Bulbs Celebrates Strong 2018, Expects 25 to 30 New Store Openings in 2019

After taking huge strides to expand its service offering in 2018, the retail franchise plans to continue upping its game in the year ahead.

With a number of improvements made on the category side of the business in 2018, Batteries Plus Bulbs is looking forward to an even more productive year in 2019. In 2018, the 725-plus unit brand known for its expertise and superior customer service, opened 34 new retail locations. Batteries Plus Bulbs plans to continue this measured approach to development in 2019, by opening another 25-30 locations.

2018’s balanced expansion efforts gave the brand the opportunity to refine processes and add to its catalog of services, a practice the brand plans to continue in 2019 in order to keep pace with the evolution of technology and advent of new battery-powered products.

“In the last year, we’ve dedicated a lot of focus to expanding our product portfolio to meet customer needs and expectations,” said VP of Category Management Shawn Budiac. “There are more products requiring battery replacements out there than ever before, so we’re constantly adding products and expanding services to cater to our customers’ ever-evolving needs.”

Since its founding in 1988, Batteries Plus Bulbs has grown in response to myriad technological innovations by staying closely in-tune to the marketplace to deliver the precise products and services its customer base needs at any given point in time.

“What’s unique about our business is that any changes we make aren’t the result of a shift in focus,” Budiac said. “We’ve always been very heavily service-oriented, it just manifests differently. Historically, we’ve specialized in replacing batteries in watches and car key fobs, yet the service remains central to the product, no matter what it is. When it comes to evolving the business, our focus will always be on solving our customers’ problems, whether it’s on the product or service side.”

In addition to battery replacement, Batteries Plus Bulbs service offerings now include smartphone screen repair and car key fob procurement and programming. After rolling out the key programs in 2018, Budiac said 80 percent of all stores have the capability to provide customers with additional car key fobs on the same day, enhancing customers’ in-store experience through fast and valuable service.

“A lot of the new devices that we use in our everyday lives use replaceable batteries, yet the average consumer doesn’t have the necessary skills to do the replacement themselves,” Budiac said. “With expert help, people can learn to handle the task on their own. In addition to the product, we’re focused on providing education and expertise to help our customers with this growing need. It’s a big part of our business now.”

As technology continues to trend toward rechargeable devices becoming even more enclosed and embedded, Batteries Plus Bulbs is committed to stocking all of the necessary products and providing its stores with the right training tools to become subject matter experts. In 2019, Batteries Plus Bulbs will maintain its customer-centric focus as it explores new ways to serve as the knowledgeable resource consumers want and need.

“We know the difficulties these issues cause in our customers’ lives, so we will continue to be ready to help with extended hours, 7-day service and reasonable prices,” Budiac said. “Maintaining service as a priority helps our brand and franchisees better serve the communities in which we operate. In the next year, we will be working to expand our product catalog and training programs to remain in-step with current trends in technology. Leaning on what we've been strong at and expanding to new categories where batteries weren’t before will continue to feed our positive reputation and strengthening the business.”

To continue growing its national footprint, Batteries Plus Bulbs is targeting California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland and Louisiana, in addition to other markets with available territory. The investment range for a Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise is $190,150 - $367,350.

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