Immigrant Achieves American Dream by Franchising with Best in Class Education Center
Immigrant Achieves American Dream by Franchising with Best in Class Education Center

Lebanese immigrant continues to grow Best in Class Education Center franchise throughout Houston by opening new location in Memorial City.

Many immigrants look to move to the United States in hope of a better life for their family. This was true for Carole Said, an immigrant from Lebanon. After getting married, Said decided to make the nerve-racking move to the U.S. to start her new life in 2008. Having an extensive background in banking, finding a job wasn’t a main concern of Said, but she still was searching for a greater purpose in life.

Four years after moving to Texas, Said and her husband were blessed with twin boys. As like many new mothers, Said decided to take time off of work and focus on spending time with and raising her children. After about two years, when her children were in full-time daycare, Said desired to go back to work. While she could have gone back to her 14-year career in banking, she wanted to go in a new direction but was unsure what or how to make that a reality.

“I knew when I went back to working, franchising would be a great opportunity,” mentioned Said. “Being an immigrant, I wanted a business opportunity that would help guide me to be successful. With franchising, there is already a business structure created and a corporate team helping you along the way.”

When searching for business opportunities with a franchise broker, there were many opportunities that could be as successful as Said hoped, but she knew she wanted to be involved in an industry that helps children.

“After having my own kids, I know how important it is to invest in the future of children,” noted Said. “I also truly believe as a businesswoman that most businesses involved with children will be successful.”

While many potential businesses were tossed around as potential franchise opportunities, after hearing about Best in Class Education Center Said knew it was the best fit for her career goals and what the Houston area needed. Said knows how important education is in the area and how well other supplementary educations company do in nearby communities so was excited to bring Best in Class to the community.

“When I was going through the research process, the corporate team encouraged me to speak with other franchisees in the system,” explained Said. “After speaking with a number of different franchisees, I got a sense that each felt like this was their own business but always had the support of the corporate team, which is exactly the relationship I was searching for with a franchise.”

Aside from feeling safe and confident with the business model, the anticipated location of Said’s Best in Class center was in the exactly market the corporate team was looking to grow.

“Even with the horrific natural disasters Houston experienced this past year, the city is still booming with residential and business development,” said Sharon Peterson, VP of Franchise Recruitment & Development for Best in Class Education Center. “We have noticed our current franchisees in the greater Houston market doing exceptionally well and are excited to provide this opportunity for other residents in the area with a passion for education and helping the local youth.”

Said officially signed with the company in 2016 but has taken her time to find the right real estate location, which is crucial when setting up for success as a franchisee, no matter what company.

“I initially didn’t want to go as far west of the city as I am, but the Memorial City community was such a good fit,” mentioned Said. “There are many schools in the areas and the rent met my financial desires.”

Said’s location, at 1009 Dairy Ashford Rd opened in the beginning of 2018 and she is happily helping the youth of Memorial City and greater Houston. She hopes to open more locations throughout Houston to continue providing this great service to the city she now calls home.

To learn more about Best in Class Education Center franchising opportunities, please visit  https://www.bestinclassfranchise.com/