Wayback Burgers Franchisee Secures Loan Through BoeFly
Wayback Burgers Franchisee Secures Loan Through BoeFly

Franchisee Waleed Salman credits BoeFly in helping him secure his unique financing needs

As an experienced operator and manager of a Lansing, Michigan-based bakery for over 10 years and a skilled land maintenance manager, Waleed Salman knew a thing or two about small business. When Salman decided he wanted to bring Wayback Burgers to Lansing, he knew he could transfer that same mindset to this new venture. However, before opening the doors to his new Wayback Burgers franchise that focused on family values, Salman knew he had to change his approach to financing this new business endeavor.

“When I was looking to get into franchising, I was searching for a brand that shared my values and was easy to adapt to. Wayback Burgers fit my criteria to a tee,” Salman said. “Wayback Burgers has a successful track record of providing quality American food at reasonable prices for its customers. The brand is all about creating a memorable dining experience that the whole family can enjoy, and that is a reason why they stand out in the industry. I knew I wanted to be a part of the brand and I just needed to figure out the financing piece.”

Before he could open the restaurant, Salman knew he needed to streamline his search for financing—that is when he turned to BoeFly, the online marketplace for small business lending. BoeFly put Salman in control of his future by helping him develop a complete, full and bank-ready loan package through their proprietary step-by-step process and then matched it to the right lender from the more than 5,000 qualified lenders across the BoeFly network. Since 2014, BoeFly has supported more than 395 unique franchise brands. Salman credits BoeFly with educating him about the lending process while putting him in the ideal position to secure the financing he needed to start his new small business venture.

Started in 1991, Wayback Burgers provides quality American food, such as burgers, fries and milkshakes, at affordable prices for its customers. William Chemero, executive vice president at Wayback Burgers, said BoeFly is great at assisting investors in finding the right financing for a new franchise business.

“At BoeFly, we understand the process of going to the bank to find financing is inefficient and can slow down the franchise approval process,” Rozman said. “We are committed to assisting prospective franchisees through the financing process by giving them the most efficient path to secure loan that suits their needs. The BoeFly Team is proud to have helped Waleed find financing for his Wayback Burgers franchise and hope it has set him up for continued success for years to come.”

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