This Professional Poker Player Is Going All-In On Cheba Hut in Dallas-Fort Worth
This Professional Poker Player Is Going All-In On Cheba Hut in Dallas-Fort Worth

Fort Worth resident Chance Steed is preparing to grow the cannabis-themed sub shop’s presence in Texas with three units planned for the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.

Fort Worth native Chance Steed, is, by all accounts, a betting man. A self-described risk-taker, Chance spent many years playing poker professionally at World Series of Poker tournaments and in his free time, he enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding and golfing. It was during an adventure indulging one of these energetic activities that Chance had his first Cheba Hut experience.

“I was visiting my friend, Karl, at his cabin out in Steamboat Springs, Colorado back in March to catch up and do some snowboarding,” Chance said. “Hungry after a long day of travel to the mountain, I asked him where we could grab something to eat and he said, ‘I know just the place!’”

After that fateful first sandwich, Chance knew Cheba Hut was like holding pocket aces when you’re all-in. He was totally impressed by the delicious food and fun-loving concept—so much so, in fact, that he immediately began looking into franchising options. 

“Over a great sandwich and cold brew, I thought to myself, ‘Man. This would fit perfectly back in Texas,’” Chance recalled. “Having a full bar in addition to a sandwich shop with such a cool counterculture concept was something I knew we were missing out on.”

Realizing then and there that the excitement of opening a new business—especially one near his hometown of Fort Worth, Texas, where he still lives with his wife, Angie, and their two children—was similar to that of his other favorite activities in life, Chance decided to go all-in. 

As for why he was so inclined to go the franchising route with a unique brand like Cheba Hut, Chance said, “I never wanted to chase a concept that would force me to relocate, and I like being self-employed. I had always dreamed of one day owning my own restaurant, and I just knew that Cheba Hut was the right choice for me.”

Plus, the idea of being the one to introduce Cheba Hut to Fort Worth, affectionately known by locals as ‘Funky Town,’ was an enticing one for Chance. He sees the city’s laid-back, friendly vibe as one akin to the fun-loving nature of the Cheba Hut brand, his excitement to grow the brand in the area as palpable as a Cheba sandwich is delicious. While Chance is currently scouting viable real estate for the first of three planned shops, he’s already betting big with Cheba Hut, noting he sees the potential for as many as 20 shops throughout the greater metro area.

“With Dallas-Fort Worth already being one of the biggest metroplexes in the country and still growing, there is tons of opportunity for expansion with Cheba Hut here,” Chance said. “Although Texas hasn't yet legalized marijuana, we still have plenty of folks who support the cannabis culture in our state. Our long-term goal is to serve the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area.”

Most of all, though, Chance pointed to the Cheba Hut atmosphere that is welcoming, above all, as the main reason why he feels so passionate about the brand’s future success in the heart of Texas. 

“Angie and I want this to feel like a family business and a place where friends can meet up and enjoy good food while having a great time,” he said. “We’re looking forward to providing a chill and fun working and dining environment that will be inviting to everyone."

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