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QSR Magazine: The Story Behind CHOP5 Salad Kitchen

In a recent QSR Magazine article, CHOP5 co-founder and co-owner Brian Mills discussed the brand's origins and how it partnered with Conscious Capital Growth for strategic growth.

By Victoria CampisiStaff Writer
Updated 8:08AM 03/21/24

Brian Mills, inspired by his father's entrepreneurial journey, wanted to change the way businesses scale. That’s why, after six years of running a boutique pizza concept in San Diego, he pivoted toward franchising. Teaming up with industry veterans such as Wade Oney, Philip Horn and Allen Hertzman, Mills launched the fresh salad fast-casual franchise CHOP5 Salad Kitchen in 2018, capitalizing on the burgeoning health-conscious trend. 

CHOP5 serves up salads, bowls and other customizable options, all made right in front of you. The franchise is all about flavor and wants to prove that healthy food can be tasty. The brand also puts emphasis on giving customers a show with their food prep, making dining an experience.

Despite the pandemic, Mills focused on refining CHOP5's model and teamed up with Conscious Capital Growth (CCG) in 2021 to fuel its growth sustainably. The brand became one of the first companies to enter CCG’s Accelerator program. Now, the team is taking its time to find the right franchise partners instead of rushing into expansion.

“We brought CCG into our fold, and it’s going to help us grow, but we want to do it the right way,” Mills told QSR Magazine. “We don’t want to just sell franchises left and right … If you look at our history, our DNA as a franchisee, we know how to do it sustainably.” 

Currently in Ohio and Florida, CHOP5 is eyeing the Midwest and South but is open to new locations with the right people. Mills believes in using the knowledge and teamwork within CHOP5 to support franchisees and succeed in the healthy food scene.

By growing strategically and picking quality partners, CHOP5 aims to change how people think about healthy eating across the country.

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