First Time Franchisee Finds Success as Business Owner and Entrepreneur with Christian Brothers Automotive
First Time Franchisee Finds Success as Business Owner and Entrepreneur with Christian Brothers Automotive

Five years after opening her Rockwall, Texas location, franchisee Amy Stehr is considering bringing the brand to a new community in Texas.

The automotive industry has a long history of being dominated by men. But Amy Stehr, a Christian Brothers Automotive franchisee in Rockwall, Texas, is proving that women are innovating in the industry on a daily basis.

Stehr first learned about Christian Brothers Automotive’s franchising opportunity through her husband. The couple was initially looking into running the business together—they both fell in love with the brand after visiting one of its existing Texas locations. But when her husband was unable to leave his current day job, she decided to launch the business on her own.

“Investing in Christian Brothers Automotive was something that had been on our radars for a while—we both thought that the brand’s customer service was exceptional and realized that it would give us a chance to be business owners. That’s why we didn’t want to wait to get the ball rolling when we realized that my husband wouldn’t be able to dedicate all of his time to it right away,” said Stehr. “As soon as I went through training and saw our location come to life, I knew that we made the right decision. I also fell in love with the idea of being a woman running an automotive business—it provides me with a one of a kind opportunity to change people’s perceptions of women leaders in this increasingly popular industry.”

To say that Stehr has been successful with Christian Brothers Automotive would be an understatement. Five years after opening its doors for business, the Stehr’s Rockwall location is thriving. And with plans to potentially open up another unit nearby down the line, the Stehr’s consistent success with Christian Brothers Automotive is inspiring them to grow alongside the brand.

That positive experience is nothing new for Christian Brothers Automotive’s franchisees—the brand’s business model is designed to set its local owners up for success. From its comprehensive and ongoing training program to its network of passionate local owners, entrepreneurs who sign on to open up their own Christian Brothers Automotive location gain access to an unrivaled support system. And as the brand continues to expand in new communities across the country, that network is only getting stronger.

“What makes Christian Brothers Automotive so unique—especially within its segment—is the people behind it. Everyone involved with the brand truly wants to make a difference and is bonded by the brand’s roots in the Christian faith. It was the first thing that stood out to me at the home office and it still stands out to me now as a franchisee—every corporate team member and local owner involved with Christian Brothers Automotive makes up a supportive family,” Stehr said.

Right now, that family is made up of more than 160 units that are currently open for business. And as Christian Brothers Automotive continues to move forward in 2017, the brand is planning to add another 15 to 20 locations to its system. Between its strong support system and affordable initial investment range that offers startup costs ranging from $408,100 to $477,600, including the operational costs for the first year of the business, there’s no doubt that Christian Brothers Automotive will make its development goals a reality.

“Franchisees like Amy prove that our system is working. Every part of Christian Brothers Automotive’s franchise opportunity is designed to help our owners succeed, and we’re excited to see that tradition continue in the months and years to come,” said Josh Wall, vice president of franchise and strategic development for Christian Brothers Automotive.