Dairy Queen Announces Financial Rewards To Incentivize Franchisees To Grow Quickly
Dairy Queen Announces Financial Rewards To Incentivize Franchisees To Grow Quickly

The classic frozen treat brand is hoping to drive blazing franchise development through multi-unit expansion.

Early this year, Dairy Queen announced four new incentives for prospective and existing franchisees, including timeline incentives, multiunit opening incentives, year-on-year incentives, and repurposing incentives,” according to an article on QSR.

“‘Dairy Queen has a very aggressive program relative to what others are doing,’ says Daniel Boutarel of the New England Consulting Group.,” the article said. Aggressive, indeed: the chill-and-grill franchise is currently offering a whole stack of initiatives. According to the article, these include programs with financial rewards “up to $30,000 for new operators who open a DQ Grill & Chill within 32 weeks of signing their franchise agreement (it’s $15,000 for those who open within 40 weeks).” The article continues: “New or existing franchisees who open multiple DQ Grill & Chills within the same calendar year receive $10,000 per opening; that same amount is awarded to operators who open units over consecutive years. Franchisees who develop and open a DQ Grill & Chill in a closed quick-service facility will receive $10,000.”

According to the article, to ensure that incentives don’t tempt unsustainable growth, Dairy Queen offers ongoing training and support for those franchisees looking to expand their footprint. “This hands-on support is essential to brands wanting to successfully implement incentive programs—especially aggressive ones. To wit, Dairy Queen’s quadruple incentive lineup coincides with a strong push into 10 major metropolitan areas, such as Baltimore, New Orleans, Orlando, and Sacramento, California,” the article said.

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