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Data Shows Fast-Casual Chains Are Top Choice For First Dates

The Clover dating app survey of 3.5 million singles named Starbucks top first date spot

By Emily ClouseStaff Writer
3:15PM 02/12/19

First rule of online dating: keep things (fast) casual. According to an article on Restaurant Hospitality, a survey conducted by the dating app Clover found that quick-service and fast-casual dining chains are currently the hottest spots for first dates, opening the door for brands to increase their dine-in business to accommodate this market.

The survey of 3.5 million singles named Starbucks as the top first date spot, with Chick-fil-A, In-N-Out, Panera, Buffalo Wild Wings and The Cheesecake Factory all ranking in the top 10, according to the article. With casual atmospheres and affordable prices, the survey suggests chains offer a low-pressure setting for people meeting up for the first time, the article points out.

“In the past, people would meet their dates through family, friends or another community network,” said Jonathan Bennett, dating coach and co-owner of Columbus, Ohio-based Double Trust Dating according to the article. “However, with online dating, you’re going out with someone you might not know at all and who has no connection to any of your social circles. As a result, most people aren’t willing to invest a lot of time or money. So, they go somewhere inexpensive and casual.”

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