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The Naples Herald: Philly Pretzel Factory Celebrates National Pretzel Day on April 26th
The brand is expected to give away 150,000 free pretzels across 165 locations

For the 10th year in a row, Philly Pretzel Factory will be celebrating National Pretzel Day by giving away an estimated 150,000 pretzels at their more than 165 locations across 19 states, from Boston to Florida, to Las Vegas and of course Philadelphia. 

“Our goal is to not only give back to the community, but to also educate people on the Philly-style pretzel,” Marty Ferrill, Philly Pretzel Factory President, said. “It’s a little bit of a reward for the commitment they have made to us coming in the whole year.”

National Pretzel Day is all about recognizing the history of the pretzel and its creation. Different pretzel shops celebrate this day in their own way, however the Philly Pretzel Factory has carried on the tradition of giving away free pretzels on this day for 10 years. 

There is no purchase necessary to receive a free pretzel on the national holiday. 

“It’s a great experience for both our customers and our employees,” Zissis Pappas, Philly Pretzel Factory franchisee, said. “We get a lot of interaction with existing customers and new customers. It gives them opportunity to try the fresh pretzels if they’ve never had them before.”

You can view the entire article here.