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Fast Casual: Garbanzo offering earth-friendly dinnerware
The brand has partnered with Eco-Products to bring this initiative to its restaurants.

Some brands are currently taking steps to create eco-friendly dinnerware. According to a recent article in Fast Casual, Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh is introducing sugarcane plates as a way to be more environmentally responsible. 

"Among many other reasons, our commitment to our guests and our environment is primarily why we strongly believe in using bio-based materials. Using these products saves natural resources and doesn't contribute to the deterioration of our planet by generating materials that are destined for the landfill after just one use," said the director of marketing, Devin Handler.

These new plates will be available both in the restaurant and for carryout orders. They will feature a lid made entirely out of recycled plastic. Garbanzo has partnered with Eco-Products to bring this initiative to its restaurants. 

Read the full article here.