How EZ CERT Creates a Win-Win Environment for Franchisors and Franchisees by Finding Competitive Insurance Coverage | 1851 Franchise
How EZ CERT Creates a Win-Win Environment for Franchisors and Franchisees by Finding Competitive Insurance Coverage
How EZ CERT Creates a Win-Win Environment for Franchisors and Franchisees by Finding Competitive Insurance Coverage

By working with large groups of franchisees from the same brand, EZ CERT is able to find the best insurance coverage for lower rates.

Tracking insurance compliance across franchise systems can be a daunting task for franchisors. That’s why brands continue to turn to EZ CERT for help. Founded by principal Doug Groves, EZ CERT was established with a mission to fill the gap that the industry’s certificate tracking systems were missing. The supplier serves as a certificate tracking system that keeps insurance top of mind, ultimately ensuring that franchisees are in compliance with the insurance requirements listed in a brand’s Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

However, EZ CERT is far more than just an insurance compliance tracking company. The brand—along with its affiliate Program Insurance Group—boast systems that are designed to help franchisees find the most competitive policies that are customized especially for them. And according to Groves, those coverage plans are most often found when EZ CERT is representing a larger number of franchisees from a specific brand.

“Everything we do is geared around numbers. If you’re one franchisee that’s bringing a $4,000 policy to the table, there’s no way that you’re going to get any service from the insurance provider that you pick to partner with. However, if you’re getting your insurance alongside 100, 200 or 500-plus other franchisees, you have a better shot at getting better coverage for a lower price. That’s where our position as a supplier comes into play—the more numbers we have in the program, the better the rates are,” said Groves. “It’s hard to move the needle with pricing when you’re a party of one. But when we’re handling insurance certificates for hundreds of franchisees, insurance providers pay attention. Insurance companies don’t want to lose hundreds or even dozens of accounts, so they’re more willing to bring their best offers to the table.”

Because EZ CERT’s team is made up of franchise specialists, it’s better able to customize programs for franchisees operating within the business model. It’s also why EZ CERT is able to help brands boost their compliance rates, making the supplier a value added to franchise systems. And while franchisors rarely require their franchisees to work with EZ CERT, Groves notes that its enhanced position in the insurance marketplace stands out to local business owners. 

“You have to gather a bunch of franchisees together in order to get the best deal. It’s the same system that franchisors use when ordering hamburger buns, for example. Businesses will shop around to find the best bun supplier that has the lowest price in order to supply their stores. We’re doing the same thing with insurance—by having strength in numbers, we’re ensuring that franchisors and their franchisees are getting the best possible coverage at the best possible price.”

EZ CERT has proven time and time again that this approach to insurance certification leads to success for franchise brands. From Nekter Juice Bar and Tropical Smoothie Café to Kitchen Solvers, EZ CERT has a long list of clients that are thriving with their insurance policies. Sport Clips is another example of a success story—right now, EZ CERT is working with about 65 to 70 percent of the brand’s franchisees, ultimately helping them find better coverage and rates. That ability to be a positive resource for its clients is why EZ CERT is looking forward to continue working with franchise clients to help them find the most competitive insurance coverage through its customized programs.  

“The unique way that we approach insurance certification and tracking is what makes EZ CERT a great resource for franchisors and their franchisees. We’re able to create a win-win environment for them both—franchisors are ensuring that their local owners are complying with their insurance standards while franchisees are gaining access to better coverage or a more affordable rate. This ability to work with large groups of franchisees has proven to be successful for our clients in the past, and we’re eager to continue working with more franchise brands going forward.”

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