Different Areas of Expertise Help Famous Toastery’s Co-Founders Fuel Their Better Breakfast Business
Different Areas of Expertise Help Famous Toastery’s Co-Founders Fuel Their Better Breakfast Business

Robert Maynard and Brian Burchill use their individual strengths to benefit the brand’s growth as a whole.

Today, Robert Maynard and Brian Burchill are known as the trailblazing co-founders behind the leading better breakfast franchise Famous Toastery. But the pair has a long history that pre-dates their entrance into the booming restaurant industry.

Maynard and Burchill are best friends who grew up down the block from one another in Long Island, New York. And when the pair went on to move to the city—with Maynard pursuing music and Burchill pursuing acting—they ended up lived on the same block again, even though they didn’t realize it at the time. They always kept in touch, but it wasn’t until Burchill seriously considered opening up his own restaurant that they thought about going into business together.

While Maynard had a little bit of experience working in restaurants, Burchill operated multiple restaurants throughout his time living in Manhattan. So when he visited North Carolina to see if it was where he wanted to permanently set up shop, he knew exactly what he was looking for. When Burchill found that there was a real need for a better type of breakfast food in the Charlotte area, he flew Maynard down to check out the city for himself.

“As soon as Rob and I had the chance to really explore the Charlotte community, we knew that we needed to move forward with our restaurant ownership plans. 13 years ago, before we opened up, the only breakfast joints there were greasy diners or fast food chains,” said Burchill. “I believe in doing things the right way. That means fresh food, clean products, exceptional customer service and no fryers. That’s been our mission since the day we opened the first Famous Toastery for business.”

It’s no secret that Famous Toastery’s unique concept was an instant hit among consumers—the brand is currently expanding across the country at a rapid rate. But the reasons for the brand’s continued success goes beyond its commitment to quality food and signature “every server is your server” mentality. Famous Toastery also differentiates itself in the restaurant industry—and the franchising industry as a whole—because Maynard and Burchill aren’t your typical franchisors.

The pair each brings their own area of expertise to the table. Backed by his extensive restaurant experience, Burchill built the culture and standard operations that Famous Toastery is now known for. Today, he continues to oversee restaurant operations by providing unparalleled support to every franchisee that signs on to become a member of the Famous Toastery family. Maynard, on the other hand, comes from a real estate and banking background. That’s why he’s on the front end of finding qualified franchisees and helping them secure a loan and the best possible real estate based on demographic data.

“It was clear from the get-go that these would be our roles. While we couldn’t predict how wildly successful Famous Toastery would come to be, we always knew that we would be able to divide the leadership responsibilities this way,” said Burchill. “There’s no doubt that this division has contributed to our success. Being in a business partnership in the restaurant franchise industry has the potential to be disastrous because there are so many moving parts to consider in high stress situations. But Rob and I are like brothers, and we know one another through and through. We fully trust each other to make the best possible decisions that will ultimately further the development of our brand.”

As Famous Toastery continues to expand to new communities across the country, Maynard and Burchill plan to remain hands-on in the franchising process. While they each have their own individual responsibilities as co-founders, they’re both invested in making sure that only the most qualified candidates open up their own Famous Toastery restaurant.

“This isn’t the type of franchise that forgets about its owners as soon as they sign on the dotted line. We’re there for them every step of the way to set them up for success,” said Maynard. “Over the past decade, Brian and I have perfected a system that when followed, has been proven to work. We’re excited to continue this tradition by welcoming more franchisees who share our level of passion for the Famous Toastery brand into our ever-growing system.”