Famous Toastery Capitalizes on its Unique Position as a Lifestyle Brand by Targeting Strip Malls for Development
Famous Toastery Capitalizes on its Unique Position as a Lifestyle Brand by Targeting Strip Malls for Development

The brand’s daytime hours that run from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. allow strip malls to tap into a new segment of customers to boost their overall traffic.

For over a decade, Famous Toastery has been setting a new standard for excellence in the booming better breakfast segment of the restaurant industry.

Between its fresh food that’s prepared in-house every single day to its unique “every server is your server” approach to customer service, the brand stands out to consumers and business owners alike. And as Famous Toastery continues to expand at a rapid rate, it’s constantly looking for ways to capitalize on the growing demand for its one of a kind concept. That’s why the brand is actively targeting strip malls for development.

Famous Toastery’s simple and proven business model aligns perfectly with strip malls’ traffic and landlord needs. Traditionally, shopping centers see the most activity between lunch and dinner. That means that during those later hours, their parking lots are packed and some potential customers can be deterred from shopping in those stores. But because Famous Toastery’s restaurants are open between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. daily, strip malls are able to spread out their traffic and ensure that they’re seeing activity all hours of the day.

“We don’t operate like a traditional restaurant. Our focus on serving breakfast and lunch puts us in a perfect position to open up locations in strip mall centers across the country because we’re providing landlords with a solution to their lull in daytime traffic. That’s a huge competitive advantage for our franchisees when looking for real estate,” said Robert Maynard, Famous Toastery's founder and CEO. “But our daytime hours aren’t only a benefit during the site selection process. They also provide our local owners with an enhanced quality of life.”

At its core, Famous Toastery is a lifestyle brand. It boasts high quick-service restaurant returns without requiring franchisees to work the long hours traditionally associated with being in the industry—to date, the brand is reporting nearly $1.5 million in average unit volume. And Famous Toastery franchisees are able to see those returns while still making it home in time for dinner with their friends and families.

“Every part of our system is designed to set our franchisees up for success, and that includes creating a positive work-life balance. Our local owners are all members of the Famous Toastery family, and we want to see them thrive both in an outside of our restaurants,” said Maynard. “We’ve tapped into a growing segment that yields the same volume of sales in eight hours that other concepts struggle to reach when they’re open for 14 hours a day. And as better breakfast continues to become more popular among consumers, we’re perfectly positioned to make the most of our position as an innovative leader.”

Beyond its flexible schedule and proven model, Famous Toastery provides its franchisees with unrivaled support. From real estate selection to ongoing local marketing initiatives, the brand’s corporate system and network of franchisees are there to guide new owners throughout the entire grand opening process. And with an initial investment that ranges from $410,000 to $1,085,080, Famous Toastery makes joining its system affordable and accessible to aspiring restaurateurs.

“We’ve experienced tremendous growth since we opened up our first restaurant in 2005, and our momentum is only picking up speed,” Maynard said. “We’re looking forward to opening up our doors in new communities and introducing even more consumers to the Famous Toastery brand.”