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Founder of DEA Music & Art Was Inspired by Her Albanian Roots

Magi Kapllani discusses how growing up with a musical background in Albania inspired her to open her own music school for children.

By Hannah Rogers1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 7:19PM 01/26/21

Magi Kapllani has been surrounded by musicians her whole life. 

Now, the founder of DEA Music & Art is focusing on ensuring that children across the country have access to music and the arts the same way she did while growing up in Albania. Kapllani has committed to continuing the legacy of her parents, who we’re both classically trained musicians, by opening her own music school franchise in the greater New York area. 

“My parents have accomplished in my country what governments would not do — establishing a music and arts and cultural center,” Kapllani told Franchise Times of her parents’ Dizdari Educational Academy Center of the Arts. “They offered numerous activities for the community when there was nothing like it in the region. The government put no money into the arts, so my parents took their whole life savings and passion and provided to a community that otherwise would have nothing, a little light in the dark.”

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