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Franchise Deep Dive: Pure Barre Franchise Costs, Fees, Profit and Data

The barre fitness brand is now a global phenomenon.

By Savannah BilboStaff Writer
Updated 3:15PM 04/10/23

Last Updated: February 24th, 2023
Franchise Website: 
Number of Locations: 640-plus worldwide
Reported Cost to Get In:  $214,287 to $457,337
Reported ROI: Not Reported 

Pure Barre was founded in 2001 in Michigan by dancer Carrie Dorr, transforming from humble beginnings to a global phenomenon. Before officially franchising in 2007, Dorr enacted a plan of opening one Pure Barre that she could sell to a passionate teacher, before moving on to a new location. After expanding along the East Coast, Pure Barre moved west. In 2018, Xponential Fitness Inc. acquired the brand. 

How Many Pure Barre Locations Are There?

There are 640-plus Pure Barre locations all over the world. Over 500 of those locations are in the U.S. and Canada. There are many available markets for Pure Barre in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and Latin America. You can request more information about starting a Pure Barre franchise here. 

What Is the Franchise Fee for Pure Barre?

There is a $60,000 franchise fee for Pure Barre, which is included in the cost to get in. If potential franchisees are located in New York City, the initial investment may be higher than the reported cost. Pure Barre is also looking for potential franchisees with a minimum net worth of $500,000. 

How Much Does It Cost to Open a Pure Barre?

The total investment necessary to begin the operation of a Pure Barre is $214,287 to $457,337. 

According to Pure Barre’s 2022 Franchise Disclosure Document, these are the expected costs. 

  • Initial Franchise Fee: $60,000
  • Initial Training Program (Fees): $0
  • Training-Related Expenses (Owner/Operator and/or Designated Manager Module): $500 - $3,000
  • Real Estate/Lease: $12,500 - $29,500
  • Net Leasehold Improvements: $35,900 - $180,000
  • Signage and Graphics: $7,500 - $20,000
  • Insurance: $950 - $2,500
  • Royalty fee: 7% of gross sales 
  • Marketing fee: 2% of gross sales 
  • Specialty and Other Exercise Equipment: $6,500
  • Retail Inventory Package for Presale and Soft Opening: $15,000
  • Technology Fee (3 Months + 1 Month Prior to Opening) and Music Licensing Fee (3 Months): $1,087
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Related Supplies: $12,100 - $15,000
  • Audio/Visual Equipment: $15,000
  • Shipping: $4,000 to $12,000
  • Computer System and Related Equipment: $2,500 - $3,500
  • Initial Marketing Spend: $15,000 - $25,000
  • Instructor Training and Related Expenses: $15,750 - $29,250
  • Additional Funds – First 3 Months: $10,000 - $40,000
  • Total Estimated Pure Barre Franchise Costs: $214,287 - $457,337

How Much Can Pure Barre Franchisees Make?

Pure Barre does not provide explicit details on the profitability of its franchises, however, according to Sharp Sheets, franchisees can make approximately $43,400 a year

What Is the Pure Barre Business Model?

Pure Barre operates on a single-unit business model. Most franchisees only own one unit, but it is possible to own multiple units. Pure Barre’s franchise model provides a scalable business, allowing you to determine your own success. Candidates can also leverage development costs and national vendor relationships to launch their studio successfully. 

Staff will help you find the right location for your business and offer support during the construction process. Pure Barre is looking for franchisees with basic business skills that can manage and motivate a team, have sufficient financial resources and will follow the blueprint of a proven business model while sharing the passion for the Pure Barre brand. Franchisees must be active in daily operations and know the ins and outs of their Pure Barre. 

Who Is the Leadership of Pure Barre?

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