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Franchise Times: CDO of Heyday Discusses Ways Franchises Aim to Attract Consumers

As the pandemic begins to subside, operators are facing a new dilemma — how to attract consumers as customer behavior continues to change radically.

By Carley ChanaContributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 3:15PM 06/14/21

In a recent interview with Franchise Times, Beth Ewen spoke with franchisors in different sectors about how they plan to connect with consumers now that the country is reaching its post-pandemic stage.

Sean Bock, Chief Development Officer for Heyday Skin Care, told Franchise Times that the brand’s skincare quiz, which advises customers which products and routines would work best for them, has been a big hit. The brand began franchising just last September, emphasizing the education of consumers with objective research from the beginning h.

“Our business is not about beauty; it’s about wellness, and it’s about taking care of your skin,” Bock said. l

He does, however, recognize an additional truth about post-pandemic customers. “For the last year they’ve been cramped in their homes, and they’re ready to go out and date again. 75%of our customer base is under the age of 35,” he said. “We know they’re going to go out and post more on Instagram,” and with any luck, incorporate Heyday’s program into their routine.

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