Franchisee Dedication to Giving Back Inspires Christian Brothers Automotive to Launch National Service Day
Franchisee Dedication to Giving Back Inspires Christian Brothers Automotive to Launch National Service Day

Every year, the brand partners with local organizations across the country to provide free oil changes to single mothers.

It’s not uncommon for franchise brands to support a charitable cause. But it’s rare to find a brand that makes giving back a part of its daily mission across its entire franchise system.

Christian Brothers Automotive is one of those unique brands. Since its first shop opened its doors for business back in 1982, the brand has been based on a strong foundation of Biblical principles. That means that in addition to providing top quality auto repair and customer service, Christian Brothers makes it a point to give back to the local communities it serves. And it goes beyond the corporate franchisor level—the brand’s franchisees are also invested in giving back.

In fact, the brand’s franchisees created what is now known as Christian Brothers’ National Service Day. In 2005, the owners behind the brand’s Cedar Park location in Austin, Texas decided to partner with a local church to provide free oil changes to single mothers in the area. Because it was so successful, they decided to bring it back on an annual basis. And every year, the event continued to expand. That’s why Christian Brothers decided to open it up to its entire franchise system.

“Single moms have so much on their plate. Between keeping up with their jobs and supporting their families, something as simple and routine like an oil change slips through the cracks,” said Caitie Marquardt, marketing manager for Christian Brothers Automotive. “Even though providing that service is a small act, it makes a big impact. Every family deserves to have a safe vehicle when they get behind the wheel. We’re happy that Christian Brothers can play even a small part in making that happen.”

This year, 90 of Christian Brothers’ 156 franchise locations provided free oil changes for single mothers in their communities. Franchisees have even taken the initiative to make a full day out of the event by setting up bounce houses, pony rides and face painting. One of those franchisees is Jared Seaman. The Fishers, Indiana owner has been participating in Christian Brothers’ National Service Day for three years. He’s seen the event grow first hand—when he first got involved, he was giving out about 50 oil changes. But this year, he was able to provide 73.

“My wife and I are both active members of our community. That’s why we want to be more than just a business that’s here to make money—we want to make a difference and give back,” said Seaman. “Our passion for lending a helping hand is shared across Christian Brothers’ entire franchise system. We don’t just talk the talk. We actively take steps to live out our mission to give back every day.”

This year, Christian Brothers was able to provide free oil changes for thousands of single mothers across the country. The brand expects to continue that trend down the line as National Service Day gets bigger—its goal is to expand its reach every single year.

“Giving back is a part of our business’ DNA. It’s clear when you consider that our National Service Day is entirely franchisee driven—they’ve really made it their own,” said Marquardt. “As the event continues to grow, we’re excited and honored to make this an impactful day in the local communities across the country that we call home.”