Franchisee Spotlight: Amy and Phil Speiser of Lightbridge Academy
Franchisee Spotlight: Amy and Phil Speiser of Lightbridge Academy

Phil and Amy Speiser have called South Jersey home for the last 15 years and just celebrated the opening of their very first franchise, the early childhood education and development center Lightbridge Academy.

Amy and Phil Speiser are two hard-working, driven, impassioned individuals who are pursuing their aspirations to create a family-oriented business to leave for their children.

The couple originally met in college on Drexel University's campus in Philadelphia, where they both were studying marketing. Since, the two have gone on to create successful careers for themselves across the telecommunications and gaming industries, but had begun to consider owning a franchise that they could build for their family -- and that's when they found Lightbridge Academy. The early childhood educational industry interested them, but more importantly they felt it would be something they could leave for their children to operate one day down the road.

The Speisers celebrated their academy's opening on March 8 in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

Can you tell me a little bit more about your backgrounds?

Amy and I both graduated from Drexel University with bachelor’s degrees in business administration, with an emphasis in marketing. From there, I started my career in sales and marketing and managed engineering groups that ultimately led me to work in the technology and retail operations field.

I’ve spent my career with technology companies, working with early mobile telecommunications companies like MCI, Nextel, and, most recently, T-Mobile. Right now, I work as the vice president of operations and technology at Express Stores – one of T-Mobile’s largest retail partners with over 100 stores across the East Coast, from Florida to Massachusetts. Since I’ve joined Express Stores, the company has doubled its retail footprint and existing territories. My strong business acumen and intuitive ability to growth and build team, no matter what the discipline

My wife currently works in the marketing industry within the lottery and casino industries. She handled a variety of marketing functions from advertising and market research to creation and roll-out of national customer service programs created to deliver a consistent delivery of outstanding customer service. Amy has also worked for a national supplier of office products to food and drug stores, national big box retailers and electronics stores like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy.

What are some characteristics about yourselves that you’d like people know?

We’re very family-focused. We have two daughters and both have aspirations to work with children one day. My family and Amy’s have owned and managed businesses and we inherited that interest in entrepreneurship. When we were in college, we wanted to run our own business and turn it into a family legacy, striving for it to become a teaching moment for our children in retirement.

It’s extremely important for us to give back to our community and to help others. As our children reach a certain age, and they begin to look and see what their own futures hold, we want to put them in a position where they can help run the business. The Lightbridge Academy model fits the bill for our aspirations. 

How did you hear about the brand and why did you choose to get involved with Lightbridge Academy?

We have been interested in owning and operating our very own business and creating something for our family to build together. We looked at many different franchise opportunities and businesses and, ultimately, we landed on Lightbridge Academy as the franchise that resonated most with us because of our shared beliefs. Amy and I really value that, at Lightbridge, we can build a team where our family is made to be our top priority. We really enjoying working with the corporate team and I believe they hold an extremely high standard of excellence.

Amy and I push excellence in ourselves and we expect it from those around us, and that’s what we got out of Lightbridge. Their facilities are beautiful, the model is well thought out, and they know this business inside and out – which is comforting since they are only just making their mark in the childcare industry.