Franchises Turn to Building Design for Millennial Appeal
Franchises Turn to Building Design for Millennial Appeal

Brands hope to attract younger consumers with updated layouts.

Millennial madness continues unabated. Now, franchises are moving beyond menus and focusing on architecture to appeal to advertising’s current generation du jour.

Nation’s Restaurant News recently reported that established brands like Buffalo Wild Wings and Denny’s are joining younger concepts in using interior design to attract Millennials. Or, hopefully attract Millennials.

“One of the problems we run into is that Millennials are not a homogeneous group, from the age bracket to the income bracket to the educational bracket,” Dennis Lombardi, foodservice strategist with foodservice consultancy WD Partners, told NRN. “There are a lot of differences.”

Would you believe? It’s almost as if treating an exceptionally large group of people as one herd-like demographic isn’t the best solution.

Still, it hasn’t stopped eateries from doing their best, God bless ‘em. But what does a Millennial-friendly restaurant look like?

Communal tables that allow for easier socialization are a must, according to NRN, as are natural resources that scream sustainability. Open kitchens that allow Millennials to see their meals being prepared are also considered a positive change.

“Being able to see everything that is going on in the kitchen is important,” Anthony Pigliacampo, co-chief executive of Modmarket, told NRN. “As a part of the design, we want to provide that, from the full nutritional calorie counts on the menu board to the full nutritionals on your receipt.”

Finally, a mixture of “quirky, distinct décor” and tech-friendly table accoutrements (think easily reachable electrical outlets for plugging in smartphones) are recommended.

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