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Granite Garage Floors Leads in Uncontested Market

The garage floor coating market is a largely untapped sub-segment within the $500 billion home improvement services category.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 2:14PM 09/08/23

With a turnkey business model that addresses a largely uncontested market, Granite Garage Floors, the home services franchise that installs commercial coating systems that, once complete, “Look and Last Like Granite,” provides a lucrative business opportunity to passionate entrepreneurs. Because the garage is typically overlooked, many businesses have not realized the potential that lies in this area of the home. Granite Garage Floors is taking advantage of the largely uncontested market to support franchise owners in achieving their American entrepreneurial dream with the help of a Granite Garage Floors franchise.

“The garage has always been seen as a dead end… An overstuffed, dusty place to be ignored or, at best, tolerated,” said Brand Leader, Kayla Cina. “At Granite Garage Floors, we see the garage as a launching pad; it is where we take off from and land each day. We believe that the garage should have the same swagger as the rest of the home, and that belief is at the heart of a winning franchise model.”

One of the most important details of the Granite Garage Floors model is the industry it has broken into. Though there are over 80 million residential garages across the U.S., it is estimated that less than 1% of them have some sort of coating solution on the floors, and this small segment of coated garage floors often use a standard paint option.

This is a clear indicator of the potential available in the market. Homeowners’ lack of awareness surrounding garage floor coating options is just that — an indication of a lack of awareness, not a lack of demand. Granite Garage Floors has a unique offering that is appealing to a range of homeowners with varied lifestyles, and with franchisor-backed marketing strategies and sales training, Granite Garage Floors owners are well-positioned to raise awareness in their territories and drive business among newly initiated homeowners.

Garage Floor Services Offer Favorable Circumstances for Home Services Professionals

Epoxy garage floor coatings are not uncommon and have been used for years, but the high-end home services market is largely underserved as homeowners are not aware that a premium garage floor coating option is available. Because of this, the market is largely uncontested.

Once homeowners are aware of the solution, they can take advantage of Granite Garage Floors’ services to secure a low-cost, high-impact upgrade. In addition to the coating material and process itself, the client experience allows Granite Garage Floors owners to quickly scale.

Granite Garage Floors has a simple, straightforward estimating process, meaning franchise owners can easily complete estimates, and clients can review and understand the proposed project without added steps or confusion.

Come installation time, the process is just as quick and easy. The garage is what is considered a contractor “safe zone,” meaning the contractor does not need to enter the home itself to complete the job, and the homeowner does not need to be home for the project to be completed. This, alongside the average speed of installation (just one to two days needed for each project), increases scheduling flexibility for the homeowner and allows franchise owners to complete a higher capacity of projects in a smaller time frame.

Granite Garage Floors’ Business Model and Partnership with Threshold Brands Propels Owners’ Growth

The Granite Garage Floors business model leverages large territory sizes, proprietary technology, extensive training, a robust customer relationship management platform and negotiated supplier pricing. And, because Granite Garage Floors is a mobile business, franchise owners have lower initial and ongoing costs, as well as increased flexibility.

Granite Garage Floors has already established itself as a market leader. However, when it partnered with Threshold Brands in 2022, it gained the support of a multi-brand home services franchisor that has backed multiple other industry leaders. The leadership team brings in-depth industry experience to support franchise owners in staying on the cutting edge of the business.

As it continues to grow, Granite Garage Floors provides a scalable home services business model that allows franchise owners to become cash-flow positive relatively quickly. With a modest initial investment starting at just $169,400, the business is an ideal option for professional, articulate, hard-working business owners who are interested in building their American dream with the help of an untapped industry and highly qualified franchisor.

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