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Entrepreneur Opening Great Clips hair salon in Long Island

Experienced business owner Hany Mostafa is eager to introduce Long Island residents to the convenience and quality Great Clips offers.

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
SPONSORED 12:12PM 02/28/18

After serving as the CFO of a major food franchise with 10 locations in South and North Carolina, and working as a CPA for his accounting firm in New York, Hany Mostafa decided it was time to do something different. Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, Mostafa started looking for opportunities to own a business.

“I have been involved in franchising for quite some time, but I had never struck out on my own,” Mostafa said. “I wanted to go into business for myself while also introducing something new and exciting to my hometown in Long Island.”

Mostafa attended several meetings and exhibitions in New York to find the right franchise. Searching for a stable, recession-resistant business without an established presence in Long Island, Mostafa discovered Great Clips and knew it was the perfect fit.

“In my mind, Great Clips checked all the boxes,” Mostafa said. “I needed a franchise with a proven system and a smart team that supports me. I am eager to contribute to the company’s success.”

In March of 2018, Mostafa will open his first Great Clips location in Long Island with plans to open more in the future. Currently, people in Long Island are unfamiliar with Great Clips, but Mostafa is confident that the experience he has gained throughout his career will help him grow brand awareness and build a successful business.

“My management skills have prepared me for this new role,” Mostafa said. “Between my role as a CFO and my accounting firm, I oversee more than 450 employees. Along with my financial experience, I also understand how the franchising business model works, so this venture goes hand in hand with my skills.”

Beth Caron, Director of Franchise Development for Great Clips, is looking forward to expanding both in Long Island and throughout much of the rest of New York (not currently expanding in Manhattan). Because the market offers promising opportunities for Great Clips, Caron said the company is hoping to find 10 new franchisees in the greater area in 2018.

“There really is something unique about the Long Island community,” Caron said. “There is a sense of belonging and loyalty that makes it very special. Long Island has a lot of people right in the target demographic for Great Clips’ services, and those people are ready for a great haircut experience that will take them to the next level of convenience.”

By offering an app with features such as online check-in designed to take the hassle out of getting a haircut, Caron believes Great Clips will benefit busy Long Island residents.

“It’s unacceptable to not provide updated technology in the service industry anymore, and Great Clips is leading the industry by providing that enhanced convenience factor,” Caron said. “Everything is designed to help busy people get a great haircut efficiently, and we have effectively eliminated a key frustration associated with getting a haircut—long waits in a salon lobby”

Although Mostafa believes his new Great Clips business will be a success, he knows there will be challenges along the way.

“In Long Island, real estate is competitive and expensive, and recruiting the best employees can be tough,” Mostafa said. “However, I’m the right person to conquer those challenges. To succeed here, you have to be local with boots on the ground and an understanding of the market and the dynamic.”

Mostafa hopes to hire 25 employees and would like to open at least 10 more Great Clips locations within five years. He also plans to continue his role as a CFO and work in accounting.

“I’m looking forward to proving that, with the right business model, you can beat the competition and stay ahead of the game,” Mostafa said. “In terms of the business, I’m the new kid on the block, but I’m working hard to bring great ideas to the table and show that Great Clips is a brand that can succeed in Long Island.”

Caron believes Mostafa has the qualities needed to be a successful Great Clips franchisee.

“You need great people skills and business skills, but you also need grit,” Caron said. “When the going gets tough, gritty people dig in and push through to succeed. Entrepreneurs need to have that ability to stick to it even during the tough times along the road to success.”

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