GYMGUYZ Franchisees Give Back to Local Community Through Fitness Expertise
GYMGUYZ Franchisees Give Back to Local Community Through Fitness Expertise

1851 Franchise Magazine connects with Allen Meretsky and Rob Gasko for a deep dive into their community involvement.

Fitness pertains to everyone. Getting ahead on health can solve for issues down the line. That’s why GYMGUYZ Monmouth County franchisees Allen Meretsky and Rob Gasko offer fitness techniques and best practices to their clients as a way to give back to their local community.

“As a part of our business model, we are able to work with the local community on an intimate level,” said Meretsky. “We work with people ranging from young ages to senior citizens, as well as with local schools or businesses, trying to make fitness as convenient as possible for them. Because of this, giving back to our local community has become second nature.”

Meretsky and Gasko are constantly looking for different ways to get in front of locals and help them improve their lifestyle. Much of this is done by participating in local 5K events, partnering with bigger organizations like the American Heart Association or pairing up with local businesses for a dual approach to giving back. On top of partnering with local organizations and participating in events, the GYMGUYZ duo offers their fitness expertise to those outside of their customer base.

“We do a lot of free classes around the community. Our platform offers something that is relevant to everyone, but we know not everyone is going to be our client,” said Gasko. “We will go to a senior center and teach local senior citizens how they can stretch to avoid injuries down the line or work with local schools to encourage and educate on exercise when kids are waiting for their parents after school. As a local business, it’s so important to extend your reach beyond your clients to really make an impact in your community.”

Though the classes are offered for free, positive outreach in the community does not go unnoticed. Meretsky and Gasko have received very positive feedback and seen their business grow as a direct result of their community involvement.

“The intention always has to be good and be motivated by a desire to help someone in the local community. In doing that, it’s common for the brand to be noticed in a positive light,” said Gasko. “We will offer free warmups before 5Ks or classes at a local business, and in doing so, we get our name in front of people that do eventually become our clients. Sometimes when people hear the word ‘franchise’ they forget that we are a locally-owned, small business. It’s just as important for us as any other small business in the market to get in front of the local customers.”

Over the course of the last year when Meretsky and Gasko got their franchise off the ground, they have learned a lot about the franchise model itself. First and foremost, they’ve learned that getting involved with your local community should be a top priority, and next, that you should never enter a business unless you have a passion for what the business offers.

“Go out there and play on your passion. If you want to work with locals in your community, find a business that allows you to do so on a regular basis,” said Meretsky.

“The saying ‘do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’ should be true when you find a business that you are passionate about,” said Gasko. “Find something where you are invested in the bigger picture and impact that you will have, and you will be successful.”