Four Reasons Why Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa is Changing the Facial Space
Four Reasons Why Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa is Changing the Facial Space

The spa franchise is making the luxury spa experience affordable for everyone.

The name Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa is synonymous with high-quality, affordable massages. But over the past few years, the franchise has worked hard to make a name for itself in the facial space. In fact, over 30% of the brand’s service comes from their facial business. Check out these four reasons Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa is changing the facial game.

Affordable and Accessible Services

Hand & Stone prides itself on making luxury services available to everyone and that includes facials. Now more than ever, the brand is focusing on expanding their facial offerings to not only enhance the massage experience but provide different outlets of relaxation for their clients.

Hand & Stone’s Director of Aesthetics Operations Lisa Rossmann shared, “Over the past couple years, we've expanded our facial menu and at this point, our menu compares with what you would find at a high-end luxury day spa. Our new LED Phototherapy includes a wide range of colored lights that treat different skin needs such as acne and sun damage. Another new service is our NuFACE® Microcurrent Therapy, a microcurrent that works on the muscle under your skin tissue to help prevent fine lines. These treatments have been a huge draw for new clients who have never tried our services before and are comparable with what you would find at a luxury day spa”

A Personalized Experience

In order to create a more personalized spa experience, Hand & Stone now offers facial treatments as add-ons to current massage packages. Clients can now receive the benefits of a relaxing massage that include individualized treatments so they can get the most out of their Hand & Stone experience.

“Our estheticians work with clients to create facials to fit their needs while utilizing all of our services. Our skin care experts will evolve the treatments as the client’s skin care needs change so they continue to get the best results,” Rossmann shared. “Clients often pair massage packages with personalized facial treatments that provide them with the ultimate relaxation experience. We also offer personalized home care treatments clients can easily complete at home and extend the benefits of our in-house treatments.”

Focused on Relationships

Ongoing education is important for any expertise. Hand & Stone estheticians are no different. “We are really focused on education. We hire licensed estheticians and then provide a separate corporate training program that focuses on how to build your business. We teach our skin care experts how to talk with clients in order to find the best services to meet their needs. Our estheticians are skilled at building trust and relationships to help build their word-of-mouth business in order introduce the benefits of Hand & Stone’s services to a wider audience,” said Rossmann. 

Always Evolving

Since Hand & Stone’s facial business is continuing to grow, there’s more opportunity than ever to introduce clients to the benefits of facial treatments. Rossmann is excited about the future of facials at Hand & Stone and looks forward to introducing new treatments so clients can continue to see amazing results.

“We plan to offer one to two services per year that go along with the trends we are seeing in skincare. Already this year we have rolled out a new green LED light and NuBODY®, a service similar to NuFACE® but focused on treating the entire body. We are also planning on expanding our LED lights in order to support all skin care needs such as the introduction of an amber light to treat rosacea.”

Most facial treatments at Hand & Stone are under $100 and with interest in facials continues to rise, franchisees are seeing the profits. All facial equipment is included in the initial investment of $499,574 to $602,738 so franchisee can have their clients receiving the benefits from facial treatments right from the start. 

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