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Heyday Pioneers Membership-Based Skincare Model With High Client Retention

Although its membership model originally launched with a 30% rate of return customers, the facial shop has jumped to 70% returning customers in less than a year.

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SPONSOREDUpdated 8:08AM 01/19/22

Since its inception, Heyday has been on a mission to provide expert, personalized skincare to everyone. And it’s a mission that’s clearly catching on. With ambitious plans for growth across the country, Heyday has set a membership-based retention strategy in motion — one that’s unlike any other brand in the industry. 

“Having a routine to take great care of your skin is just like going to the doctor, dentist, or having a fitness routine that keeps you feeling your best,” said CEO of L5 Skincare Patrick Ryan-Southern. “For the industry, this is a big shift in behavior. Heyday has positioned itself to be for the everyday. We provide expert skincare that empowers everyone to be their best self, and the membership is our client’s monthly touchpoint with our experts to check in with their skin therapist on their routine.”

Now, less than a year into franchising, 70% of the brand’s traffic comes from members that are returning for monthly or recurring services as part of a personalized and well-rounded skincare regime. This figure is far higher than the 30% of membership clients the brand had when it first launched and has quickly shown how a membership-based service can take off.

“Heyday is less about a spa day and more about a monthly routine,” Ryan-Southern said. “Membership makes that routine easier and less intimidating for our clients, and they quickly begin to see the value of a regular skincare practice.” 

This consistent approach has encouraged a growth in membership among younger customers in particular who learned the importance of proper skincare from an early age, but it has quickly taken on an even wider target audience as people of all ages have begun to recognize the value of personalized facial services.

As part of the process, a standard facial at Heyday involves a thorough consultation. Each skin therapist builds insights on how a client’s skin has been feeling, any new products they may have started using, potential areas of concern, or any other feedback they may have for their visit. This dialogue is essential in order to provide the best service possible while creating a relationship with each client that steps into a Heyday location. In the end, these personalized touchpoints have helped the brand convert one-time clients into recurring members. 

“Traditionally, skincare has been looped in with beauty and created a fragmented, difficult to navigate environment for the client,” Ryan-Southern said. With a trained professional on hand to provide routine consultation, this helps all clients navigate their own personal skincare challenges without the guesswork, or potential ineffectiveness, of doing it on their own.

“We hire passionate experts who treat, heal, coach, and most importantly educate our clients on what is going to work best for their skin,” Ryan-Southern said. “We do that by carrying a curated array of progressive products that we believe in and know get results — because we try them and use them ourselves.”

For members visiting a Heyday location, the membership features a 50-minute facial, $20 off all enhancements, 15% off all products, and a 20% discount when signing up for a $95-to-$105-per-month membership, depending on the shop’s market. Additionally, clients have the added freedom of a 30-day cancellation period, and even if they decide to opt out of a recurring membership, the membership fee can then be used toward facial products or a shop gift card. What’s more, Heyday doesn’t have an agreement with one single skincare line, meaning that skin therapists have the ability to really choose the best products to suit each individual guest’s needs. 

The company is currently targeting expansion in top metropolitan areas including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Chicago, Miami, New York, and Boston, among other large U.S. cities. Heyday’s startup costs range between $574,000 to $755,500, depending on which market the store is located, according to Item 7 of Heyday’s Franchise Disclosure Document. Other factors like design, configuration and labor costs will also impact the total investment. Click here to see the full cost breakdown. To learn more about Heyday franchise opportunities, visit