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How Famous Toastery’s Franchisees Make The Brand Famous with its Robust Support Program

From site selection assistance to ongoing support and training, the breakfast and lunch concept provides franchisees with everything they need to establish a beloved neighborhood restaurant in their community.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 10:10AM 03/21/22

Famous Toastery, the 25-plus-unit, North Carolina-based franchise, is known for offering not only uncompromisingly fresh meals, but also a hub for friends, families and neighbors to get together. Since starting to franchise in 2013, the brand has continued to expand with this approach in place by appealing to entrepreneurs who are looking to open a beloved neighborhood establishment. Now, as the Famous Toastery team gears up for continued growth, the brand is looking to further prioritize a business model and support infrastructure that encourages franchisees to “Be Famous.” 

“Our franchisees make Famous Toastery famous, not vice versa,” said Michael Mabry, who joined Famous Toastery’s executive team as president in November 2021. “Without our franchisees, we don’t have a brand. We really want to be famous for having the best franchisees out in the marketplace. This is a locally owned and operated business. The idea that the franchisees are already famous in their markets — famous with their guests, famous with their team members — that puts the famous in Famous Toastery.”

From the initial onboarding to long after the grand opening, Famous Toastery provides franchisees with the support and training needed to establish a successful business in their local community. Here are some of the support resources incoming franchisees can expect.

Initial Training 

When a new franchisee signs the franchise agreement, Mabry says their first step is to attend a multi-week training program, where they will learn about the operations of the restaurant and receive financial guidance to set up a budget for the future. 

“From day one, we provide franchisees with the guidance and tools they need to open up their restaurant successfully,” said Mabry. “During store training, for example, they will learn every aspect of the business, how to manage their teams and more. Then, they will spend time in our home office, setting up their budget, book-keeping, PNL and learning how to manage their cash flow correctly.”

Site Selection and Construction

The site selection process starts when the franchisee and Famous Toastery CEO and Founder, Robert Maynard, dive through a list of the ideal sites, negotiate leases and bring the full package of the restaurant together. 

The next phase, Mabry says, is construction. “We have set guidelines on how the restaurant is built, including color schemes, furniture and layouts,” he said. “We will support franchisees with a project manager who has built most of the restaurants and understands how to handle the process.”

Marketing and Grand Opening Support

As the restaurant is gearing up for opening, Mabry says franchisees have access to an expert marketing director who provides the materials and resources needed to get off the ground, including social media pages and more. Franchisees also have access to a grand opening marketing campaign that allows them to spread the word about the new store before the doors officially open.

Prior to the grand opening, Mabry says Famous Toastery also helps franchisees hire and train employees to ensure servers are fully prepared to offer next level customer service experience.

Ongoing Support with Famous Business Coaches

To help incoming Famous Toastery franchisees make a name for themselves when entering a new market, Maynard says the team is rolling out a program in which owners are paired with “famous business consultants.”

“Not only will these business consultants support franchisees in day-to-day operations, but they will also help them reach their personal goals,” said Maynard. “We want to help franchisees understand the bigger picture for themselves, their families and their businesses. This will help them become famous in their communities and execute their business on the highest possible level.” 

Mabry says the famous business consultants position is designed to provide continuing education to franchisees long after opening day. “They will be a point of contact to bounce ideas off of,” he said. “The consultants can give feedback and help franchisees overcome obstacles and challenges. They will visit the restaurant every few weeks to check in and make sure brand standards are being upheld.” 

This new business consultant campaign is designed to enforce the locally owned Famous Toastery strategy, Mabry explained. “The consultant isn’t coming in to make each location a cookie-cutter restaurant — we want each location to be a local go-to breakfast spot,” he said. “That is going to look different from city to city, so our business consultant model is designed to help franchisees drive home that they are locally owned restaurants. They are local owners who live in these markets, and our job is to help them reach their full potential as an integral part of the community.”

Why Now is the Time to Join Famous Toastery

Now, with more support than ever, the Famous Toastery team is looking to reach 50 units — doubling its current footprint — by 2024, with the bulk of that development planned for the Carolinas. 

“We’ve had years and years of seeing what works and what doesn’t work. Franchisees are coming into the system and opening up their locally owned business, and they put their trust in us to give them the platform to succeed,” said Brian Burchill, Founder and Chief Culture Officer. “Now, we are really just creating a heightened sense of what we need to give franchisees, in terms of training and support. We want everyone to achieve their goals, including clientele, staff and their families. From when I opened the first store, my goal was to establish a sense of trust with the staff, customers and franchisees. That trust enables us to be more than just a business.”

The cost to open a Famous Toastery franchise ranges from $605,500 to $1,029,500 including a franchise fee starting at $75,000. For more information on franchising with Famous Toastery, visit