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How Franchise Businesses Can Start to Plan Their Post-COVID Recovery

Franchising consultant Robert Needham weighs in on the current franchise landscape and what the future holds for the industry.

Robert Needham of Dr. Needham's Franchise Teachings specializes in helping people “solve the Puzzle of Buying a Franchise.” With decades of experience, his online course helps lay out different suggestions that people should consider when looking for the best franchise for their skillset, goals, interests and lifestyle.

In an interview with 1851 Franchise’s Lauren Turner, Needham discusses what brands he believes will thrive post-COVID. Needham also predicts how shopping habits will change in the future, how retail will adjust their layouts and why landlords will likely be more open to working with business owners and changing how leases look.

For existing franchise businesses, Needham recommends working closely with the franchisor on a plan to move forward. During this uncertain time, Needham hopes that more franchisee-franchisor relationships are strengthened with everyone working together for the greater good of the brand.