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How Joshua Tree Experts Created a Low Cost Business Opportunity for Those Looking to Scale

With a relatively low barrier to entry and the ability to add multiple services under one roof, the franchise is the perfect opportunity for franchisees who want to grow a thriving business.

By Victoria CampisiStaff Writer
Updated 3:15PM 08/16/23

When founder and CEO Joshua Malik first started Joshua Tree Experts, the Pennsylvania-based home services franchise that provides tree maintenance, lawn care and pest control services, he bootstrapped, just as many other entrepreneurs would have. His diligence and attention to best-in-class customer service drove the corporate business past $7m in 2022 – thus creating a top tier franchise opportunity.

However, many would-be franchise owners wouldn’t be able to create a $7m+ business right away. Many would have to scale, just like Malik. Thus, Joshua Tree Experts build two business models – one for high net worth individuals and one for the new great franchisee.

The concept has intentionally kept its barrier to entry relatively low, coming in between  $196,761 to $636,405. One of the biggest variables in this range is whether the franchise owner intends to purchase the necessary equipment outright or finance it. 

“The way that we keep costs on the lower end is by offering a lease option and steering them towards funding agencies where they can have a low downpayment and stretch out the term over anywhere from six to 10 years, depending on what the loan fund is,” Malik said. 

The brand differentiates itself for customers and franchisees alike with its unique offerings. With certified arborists and experienced plant health care and pest management professionals on the corporate team, the concept has built out a training and support system that allows franchisees to provide unparalleled knowledge to their customers. And its ability to offer multiple services under one roof and brand makes Joshua Tree Experts a smart investment. Franchisees can quickly diversify their revenue streams after mastering the primary service — tree care.

Keeping Costs Low

Malik added that the brand is also selecting equipment that is going to be less expensive for franchisees in the long run by considering factors such as efficiency and life-time of the machinery. 

Joshua Tree Expert’s investment fees include a $49,500 franchise fee, grand opening costs and access to thorough training and corporate support. 

“We have a very robust back end system where we're doing for a lot of our franchisees,” noted Malik. “We're going to be developing all of the recruiting for them. We're going to put people in front of them that they can hire, as long as they feel that they're the right fit and the right culture for them.”

Additionally, franchisees can expect sales and marketing support. By using brand funds, Joshua Tree Experts develops and pushes leads in the way of its franchisees. Meanwhile, a call center on the backend also takes care of their calls, so franchisees do not need to hire additional employees to do so. 

“We’re really focused on having our franchisees come on board with us and really just be able to focus on operations and the daily functions of the business,” said Malik. 

Why Joshua Tree Experts Is a Great Opportunity to Scale

The opportunity to offer multiple services under one roof and brand makes Joshua Tree Experts an attractive investment for those looking to scale their business. Franchisees can quickly diversify their revenue streams after mastering the primary service of tree care. And, due to the high demand that currently exists within the tree care industry, new franchise owners are well-positioned to bring in a loyal customer base and establish recurring revenue streams that can both recoup the initial investment and drive growth. 

“You start with general tree care and you get your package of vehicles and equipment that you need for that one service,” said Malik. “You learn how to properly run that type of business — and we'll train you on how to do that. And then you can scale into offering lawn care and pest control at your own pace from your home office.” 

For those with more access to capital that want to come into the brand and offer those services quickly, they are able to start by purchasing or leasing an operation center and adding on additional equipment at the time of purchase. 

“We want franchisees to grow just like Joshua Tree Experts did,” Malik said. “They will start with one service — tree care — and then gradually start to roll in lawn care and pest control. We know that a strong infrastructure is one of the most important aspects to ensure franchisee success, and we will provide owners with everything they need to get their business up and running.”

The startup costs for a Joshua Tree Experts franchise range from $196,760 to $303,091. For more information on franchising with Joshua Tree Experts, visit