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How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Sylvan Learning Franchise?

With an initial investment requirement of under $200,000, Sylvan Learning is one of the most affordable supplemental education franchises.

By Victoria CampisiStaff Writer
Updated 9:09AM 03/14/24

If you want to buy an education franchiseSylvan Learning* is a great option. With more than 40 years of experience, strong brand recognition and a relatively low investment, the franchise has a lot to offer its franchise owners. 

Here’s what you need to know about opening your own Sylvan Learning franchise.

Supplemental Education Is a Hot Market Right Now

Pandemic-induced disruptions in classroom education have led families to actively seek supplemental education for their young learners. For example, in 2021, there was a significant 116% increase in math intervention, reflecting a growing demand for educational support. Franchises providing tutoring, early education, and educational entertainment in core subjects have experienced a similar surge in student enrollment. 

As students struggle to keep up or get ahead in school, teachers experience burnout and parents search for ways to get their kids back on track, there has never been a better time to franchise with Sylvan, which has been an industry leader since its founding in 1979. 

Sylvan Learning Investment Requirements

Opening a Sylvan Learning franchise requires an initial investment ranging from $98,087 to $199,582, with a franchise fee of $34,900. 

Notably, Sylvan Learning has a unique royalty structure that conveniently combines many operational costs into one 16% fee. The fee is used to provide important services to the franchisees, including national marketing, digital educational programs, assessments and online training resources. 

Prospective franchise owners are expected to meet certain financial requirements, namely a minimum of $75,000 in liquidity and a minimum net worth of $150,000. In addition, the ideal Sylvan Learning franchisee should have a passion for making a lasting impact on future generations, reflecting a commitment to the educational mission of the franchise. 

How Much Can I Make from a Sylvan Learning Franchise?

Not only is franchising with Sylvan Learning personally rewarding, it’s financially rewarding. According to Sylvan’s franchising site, the average unit volume for the top 25% of territories, based on gross revenue, is an impressive $842,462.

How Sylvan Learning Supports Franchisees

Sylvan provides comprehensive training and support systems that are designed to equip franchisees with everything they need to run a thriving education business.

“The feedback I’ve received from franchisees for the last decade and a half has been consistent,” Susan Valverde, Chief Franchise Operations Officer, is quoted saying on the brand’s franchising website. “Where we stand out most is through training and support.”

This training and support includes: 

Franchise Business Consultants: Owners are assigned dedicated franchise business consultants to provide ongoing guidance for operations and training.

Initial Owner Training: By offering many of their training materials digitally, Sylvan Learning allows owners to learn at their own pace and revisit materials anytime. 

Ongoing Training Programs: The corporate team holds monthly regional calls to provide insights on each center's progress and provide guidance for growth.

Support and Franchisee Network: Sylvan’s support network provides real-time help for any immediate needs franchise owners may have once they’re up and running. Additionally, franchisees have the opportunity to connect with other Sylvan owners to learn and grow from their shared experiences.

Marketing Toolbox: Franchise owners have access to Sylvan's marketing portal, which provides the expert tips and resources they need to run their local marketing efforts. They can also learn about the national marketing that Sylvan is doing on their behalf.

Hands-On Guidance: In addition to offering guidance and training online, Sylvan has a dedicated team to provide in-person support and learning experiences for franchise owners.

With a relatively low investment, strong support and rewarding earnings, now is a great time to franchise with Sylvan Learning. 

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