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How To Build an Incredible Franchise Sales Website

As the modern sales landscape has shifted, so have the strategies to keep people engaged. A franchise sales website is a prime opportunity to take advantage of a new landscape.

By Justin Wick1851 Franchise Contributor
Updated 7:07AM 12/21/21

Investing into a franchise brand is a colossal commitment for any kind of entrepreneur. Selling those entrepreneurs on an investment is a key component of an incredible sales website, and some modern trends are quickly shaping a new digital norm.

In the wake of COVID-19, the ideals and preferences of many investment strategies have also changed. This has forced many in the franchising industry to adapt their online sales models and regenerate their strategies to lure in investment dollars. Adapting to this new landscape can be a tall task, but getting started is a great first step toward proving a brand’s ability to succeed in modern times.

Maximizing a brand’s expansion means they need to appeal to prospective franchisees just as they do for prospective customers. A brand needs to win over new brand owners and lead them to be sold on their own brand, which is something that an incredible franchise sales website can finalize.

Keep COVID-19 in Mind

After an extended period of time when norms were shattered, it is important to recognize trends perhaps now more than ever. COVID-19 forced a lot of changes in online sales strategies, so a strong web presence has become one of the most important ways that modern brands can prove themselves to customers and investors alike.

Sharon Wilks is an account manager for London-based RKWO, a web design company that specializes in “interactive, responsive and bespoke website design.” In a recent article with the London School of Economics and Political Science, she said there was a rapid influx of digital development within hours of COVID-19 shutdowns being put into effect.

“With companies scrambling to get online last minute in March 2020, we had a backlog of work up until November 2020,” she said.

At this point in the pandemic, companies are already behind if they haven’t tried to implement some form of digital adaptation. Being late is better than not implementing it at all, however, which is a key feature in making sure all consumers feel like they are working with a cutting-edge brand. 

Find an Insightful Staff

Wilks advises all prospective web developers to have a background with HTML and CSS and to learn some coding techniques that can make a web presence more established than ever.

Learning these techniques as a brand owner or operator can be tough to manage, however, particularly if it’s been hard enough on a logistical side to stay affluent through the pandemic. Building an incredible franchise sales website often requires hiring someone who specializes in this particular field, and now that it is more popular than ever, there are a lot more qualified professionals who can make that happen.

The demand in the market remains high, and the supply of qualified web developers may take a while to catch up. Despite the high related costs that might come with web design investments, the investment can also yield a hefty return.

Make a Sales Website More Accessible Than Ever

Making a sales website accessible to both mobile and desktop users is just the first building block toward developing an inclusive sales website. There are a wide range of consumer preferences when it comes to their preferred means on how they are sold on something, for example.

Curating an experience for a wider range of clients through different layout options, different text-reading options or even different visual strategies can ensure a web design is not closed off to a limited audience.

It is important to make sure the preferences are not taking away from a target audience, however, which is a key development that brands will capitalize revenue from. Knowing your consumer is a great first step toward generating a great method for franchise sales, while knowing how to create mass appeal is a great way to diversify that web design strategy.

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