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How to Retain Restaurant Employees in 2022

Troy Hooper from Kiwi Restaurant Partners is on my show this week, offering tips to jumpstart your own employee experience.

When you’re operating a restaurant, a steady stream of numbers needs to be evaluated. Items like rent, food costs, and wages are often top of mind, but employee retention is one that tumbles to the bottom of the list. Restaurant turnover has always been high (70–100%), and now it’s even higher!

A stellar customer experience is a must, but the employee experience also plays into that overall success formula. But how can you improve the employee experience? The great thing about employee experience is that you can create it — and with a little imagination, the possibilities are endless. You can tweak it to fit your specific team and implement new ideas and programs when and if you choose. And that very same reason is why owners and operators often don’t move forward with cultivating a strong employee experience. Instead, they wrestle with where to begin and what exactly to do — the pressure to do it right the first time can be paralyzing.

So, I am excited to have restaurant consultant Troy Hooper from Kiwi Restaurant Partners on my show this week. He dives into some tips to jumpstart your own employee experience and engagement.

Watch the full video above.