Meet the New IFA Chair: Shelly Sun, CFE
Meet the New IFA Chair: Shelly Sun, CFE

BrightStar Care co-founder and co-CEO Shelly Sun outlines her top priorities as she takes over chairmanship of the IFA.

The International Franchise Association has a new chair: Shelly Sun, CFE. The co-founder and co-CEO of BrightStar Care is picking up where NRD Capital founder Aziz Hashim left off by tacking the biggest challenges facing franchising today. Sun recently talked to Franchise World about her plans to keep the industry moving forward.

“The most critical issues facing IFA and the franchising industry overall include rolling back regulations, passing a legislative fix to joint employer and building a pro-growth, pro-business environment with tax reform and labor changes that business can absorb and remain competitive,” said Sun.

Sun has a long history of advocating on behalf of the franchising industry. And as chairwoman, she plans to leverage her experience to ensure that the franchising community has a promising future filled with potential.

“The top proprieties for the association in 2017 include the NLRB legislative solution to retain the long-standing definition of a franchisor and franchisee, rolling back the exempt threshold changes, and addressing the meteoric rise in health care costs is also important to our members.”

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