Nation’s Restaurant News: What a Trump Presidency Means for the Restaurant Industry
Nation’s Restaurant News: What a Trump Presidency Means for the Restaurant Industry

IFA president and CEO Robert Cresanti explains what’s next as the industry prepares for a new President.

As the dust begins to settle from businessman Donald Trump’s surprising victory over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, executives in the restaurant and franchising industries are addressing what impact Trump’s presidency will have on their businesses.

The International Franchise Association’s president and CEO, Robert Cresanti, joined the conversation by releasing a statement now cited by Nation’s Restaurant News. He said the results of the election showed that voters rejected candidates who would govern “by regulatory fiat or impose polices that would destroy jobs and crush small businesses.” But while Cresanti called the election historic, he also noted that this is when the real work begins.

Cresanti said, “The American middle class, upward mobility and opportunity have suffered from the years of political gridlock and business as usual. This election marks a sea change in how the American people expect their elected officials to conduct themselves. We have to find the third way—not the Republican way, not the Democrat way, but the American way.”

Despite the hope of reduced regulations and executive orders, there’s still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the future of the restaurant financing industry as Trump’s inauguration day nears. But Cresanti has made it clear that the IFA is excited to work with leaders on both sides of the aisle to ensure growth and success for members of the franchising community.

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