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BISNOW: IWG Bringing Coworking Back To Another Former WeWork

Mark Dixon, CEO of IWG, explains the reasoning behind IWG’s rapid nationwide expansion these past few years.

International Workplace Group (IWG), the world's largest provider of flexible workspace solutions with more than 3,300 locations in over 120 countries worldwide, is stepping in to help employees, employers and landlords adapt to the shifting hybrid workspace landscape of the post-COVID world. As a part of this strategy, IWG is taking over many sites formerly owned by other flexible workspace providers, such as WeWork.

Earlier this year, for example, IWG opened a 38,000-square-foot coworking location, Spaces Downtown Los Angeles, in a building previously occupied by WeWork at Downtown LA's historic Fine Arts Building, BISNOW reports. 

“People increasingly want to live, work and socialize without having to spend hours commuting,” IWG CEO Mark Dixon said in a statement. “Companies are meeting these new expectations from employees by taking advantage of the many competitive benefits that hybrid brings, including reduced costs, improved productivity and increased talent retention.”

IWG is currently aggressively targeting North America for expansion, looking to add 1,000 locations each year to its more than 1,200 locations in the U.S. and Canada and eventually surpass 10,000 locations. 

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