Why Pet Care Will Be One of The Hottest Franchise Categories in 2018
Why Pet Care Will Be One of The Hottest Franchise Categories in 2018

Co-founder and co-CEO of K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel shares insights into this year’s fastest-growing industry.

It’s no secret that the pet care industry is booming. In fact, overall household pet ownership hit 68% in 2016, up from 54% in 2009. There’s a new generation of pet owners who are committed to their pet living an active, healthy lifestyle and they are willing to spend more money on their pets in order to keep them around for years to come.

Industry experts have been watching the rise in consumer pet-focused consumption and this growth comes as no surprise, especially to Jason Parker, co-founder and co-CEO of K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel. “People love their pets and treat them like family, there is no limit to what they will do for their pets. The trend we are seeing in the industry is becoming more and more upscale. Clients want the best for their pets. K9 Resorts realized that over a decade ago and that is the reason why we are the leader in luxury pet care.”

K9 Resorts caters to the consumer who won’t settle for mediocrity when it comes to their family pet. They provide a resort-style doggie daycare which combines homelike amenities with recreational activity to keep your pet happy while you’re away.

When it comes to continued growth in the industry–the stats speak for themselves. The sales in the pet industry have steadily increased over the past decade. In the U.S., pet-related purchases hit $99 billion in 2015—up 35% from 2009. And it’s not slowing down. Parker has been watching this growth for years and is confident that pet care is the perfect investment. “Franchisees should invest in a pet care franchise because it is a recession resistant and lucrative opportunity.”

Franchising with K9 Resorts is a great way to capitalize on this rise. Since officially becoming a franchise company in January 2011, K9 Resorts has opened 7 locations, with 7 currently in development. Start-up costs to open a K9 Resorts vary from market to market based primarily on the cost of real estate. The overall investment ranges from $915,655 to $1,292,859, which includes a one-time franchise fee of $49,500. After being named the number one pet care facility in New Jersey and within the top three in the country, it’s no wonder K9 Resorts has seen such strong growth over the years.

”The biggest challenges of the category is real estate. I feel that we have learned so much over the years and have improved our processes and systems. Someone trying to do this on their own would be very overwhelmed and would spend more time and cost themselves more money. My advice is go with a franchise system that has a proven track record.”

If a franchisee wants to be successful in this space they definitely need to do their homework. Getting on board with a brand that doesn’t have all of their processes in place could be detrimental. Parker recommends looking at franchises that have decades of experience so you don’t get caught in the wrong business.

Parker has advice for anyone looking to partner with pet care franchise this year, “If you want to be your own boss, own your own business and be part of a franchise that Entrepreneur Magazine included as a top brand in one of the hottest industries for 2018, check out K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel.