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Lessons From Franchise Execs: David Newman, Vice President of Operations, Lawn Doctor & Happinest, Inc.

Whether you’re keeping a lawn green — or a franchisee in the green — it takes caring and support, says this veteran home service franchise exec.

By Chris LaMorte1851 Franchise Editor
Updated 3:15PM 09/29/21

Every homeowner wants a lush green, enviable lawn. It’s just difficult to achieve. The same goes for the franchising business. Every franchisor wants to be the next big thing, but not everyone knows how to achieve it.

Lawn Doctor*, however, knows how to achieve both. Started in 1967 in Matawan, New Jersey, the brand began franchising its lawn care expertise three years later. Suddenly, a new category in franchising was born. 

Today, David Newman, the brand’s vice president of operations, is the man who keeps the blades of the business sharp by overseeing training and support. And there’s a lot to keep sharp: Today, there are more than 600 locations of Lawn Doctor, and the brand now also operates Mosquito Hunters* and ecomaids under a holding brand called Happinest, creating an 800-unit strong home-service giant. 

Despite the size, Newman, who has been with the brand for nearly 23 years, says it really comes down to creating a happy franchisee. However, franchisees are entrepreneurs who have laid a lot on the line — life savings, retirement, their family’s future — generating a lot of fears and anxiety. That creates a big responsibility for a franchise. 

But the franchisee has a responsibility, too. Newman believes that franchisees need to choose wisely before investing in a brand. “They really have to enjoy the business, enjoy the work and enjoy what they're going to be doing. They have to make sure that it really makes sense for them and their family,” he said. 

To hear more of David Newman’s insight about what it means to be a successful franchisor and franchisee, watch the video above, or click here to watch it on YouTube.

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