McDonald's Is Dominating the Delivery Game by Expanding its Services
McDonald's Is Dominating the Delivery Game by Expanding its Services

DoorDash and Uber Eats––get ready to rake in the cash.

What’s better than going to McDonald’s to pick up fresh fries and a juicy Big Mac? How about having it delivered to you. Now that the fast food giant is expanding its McDelivery services, you’ll have the option to order home delivery from more than 10,000 locations, according to CBS.

It’s an exciting time for third-party delivery services. Uber Eats first signed with McDonald’s in 2017, but now the Chicago-based burger chain is also partnering with DoorDash, which will expand McDelivery from 9,000 restaurants to more than 10,000 between the two delivery services. This new partnership is yet another innovative way restaurants are adapting to new consumer behaviors.

“We can expect larger brands will continue to partner with delivery companies,” said Micah Rowland, COO at Fountain. “It’s less in response to this move by McDonald’s and more of an acknowledgment that consumer spending behavior is shifting.”

Multiple restaurants are welcoming technology solutions as a means to improve customer ratings and appeal to the market of convenience. In 2018, QSR Magazine scored McDonald’s 2.5 out of a possible 4 points for a “dining-on-demand maturity model” ranking; since then, however, McDonald’s launched its first to-go-only store in London for commuters and tourists on the go. 

“[This new partnership] highlights the importance of marketing and technology-based skills for restaurateurs,” sais Rowland. “Restaurants who develop a devoted fan following on popular apps like DoorDash, Postmates or Caviar can draw business from a larger geographical area, a broader set of consumption occasions and a wider array of customers.”

McDonald’s is scaling the nation thanks to this partnership and hey, we’re lovin’ it.

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