McDonald’s revisits the past to bring back customers
McDonald’s revisits the past to bring back customers

The fast-food giant is struggling to keep up with other brands and hopes featuring an old burger can help.

No one can deny that McDonald’s used to be the unchallenged ruler of the burger market. It brought people cheap, inexpensive meals they could count on.

That was then. Now, people want fresh food with more variety—and Mickey D’s is struggling to keep up.

It’s losing out to younger franchises that have a little more oomph. Concepts like MOOYAH, Checkers, and Back Yard Burgers serve the high-quality, flavorful burgers contemporary customers are drawn to.

The brand knows it’s fighting an uphill battle and is bringing back the third pounder burger as a way to change things up. The “Sirloin Third Pounder” will cost $4.99, making it one of the priciest items on the McDonald’s menu.

This is in addition to testing out an all-day breakfast menu at several locations in an attempt to get more people in the door.

Will its new plans make McDonald’s the “modern, progressive burger company” it’s trying to be? We’ll see.

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