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McDonald’s Introduces Career App to Help Employees Map Out Their Futures

Archway to Careers is available on both iOS and Android devices.

In an effort to help employees map out their professional career paths, McDonald’s has introduced a new app called Archway to Careers, according to a QSR report

The app, which was built in partnership with the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning and InsideTrack and is available for both iOS and Android devices, provides employees with real-time adviser assistance and also uses a digital guide bot named Kai to help answer questions, among other things, according to the article. 

“The McDonald’s system workforce has immeasurable talent to offer, and with its existing education benefits coupled with this rich new mobile experience, restaurant employees are better equipped to discover and advance their careers, positioning themselves for long-term career success no matter where they end up,” McDonald’s chief learning officer Rob Lauber said, according to the article. 

The app announcement comes at a time when more fast food and QSR brands are implementing efforts aimed at employee education, career advancement and retention. In October 2019, Chipotle announced a new effort to help employees enroll at nonprofit accredited universities. Taco Bell recently announced it would test an employee retention strategy that involves paying select store managers a higher annual salary. 

With labor shortage issues being what they are, brands are catching on to the fact that employees are not as tied down as they used to be. Adding educational programs doesn’t guarantee an employee will stick around forever, but at the very least, they’ll likely be a customer for life. 

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