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Hartford Courant: A CT couple loved a restaurant that closed. They’re bringing a new one to a ‘famous’ location.

The new Melting Pot restaurant will be located at the historic former site of the New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

By Erica InmanStaff Writer
SPONSORED 9:09AM 07/10/24

Daina Senatore and Jonathan Reeve, a couple from Fairfield, Connecticut, are bringing the Melting Pot, an experiential dining fondue franchise, to the neighboring city of New Haven, the Hartford Courant reported. The restaurant will be located on the former site of the New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum, a venue known for its past rock concerts and sporting events that is now being revitalized with new developments.

Senatore and Reeve, who have a blended family of five children, frequently visited the Melting Pot's Darien location for special occasions until it closed in 2023. Motivated by their love for the restaurant, they decided to open their own franchise. They have no former restaurant experience, but their enthusiasm and alignment with Melting Pot’s values impressed Franchise Growth Specialist Collin Benyo.

“We had one Connecticut location in Darien, and it closed due to landlord issues, and we left a lot of loyal customers behind,” Benyo said. “Daina and Jonathan came to me and wanted to open a location. It was a meeting place for their blended family. They came together and used the Melting Pot as their meeting place.”

The couple has a background in business and finance, having worked together on Wall Street. Senatore, a lifelong Connecticut resident, and Reeve, originally from England, have been involved in various business sectors. Their son, Josh, who has culinary training from Johnson & Wales University, will manage operations at the new location.

The Melting Pot offers an interactive and eventful dining atmosphere. Scheduled to open in late fall, the restaurant will include areas for large parties, a special Lovers’ Lane for dates, a bar and an event space. It will cater to family gatherings, date nights, and celebrations, continuing the Melting Pot’s tradition of being the go-to venue for special occasions.

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