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Mold Authority Is Working To Make Homes Safer Post-Pandemic

With an already strong presence in the Northeast, the leader in indoor air quality inspection aims to serve the entire U.S. and open 100 more locations by 2025

By Kerrie Kennedy1851 Franchise Staff Writer
SPONSORED 12:12PM 08/15/21

Mold Authority, the rising franchise star that specializes in indoor air quality and testing, is gearing up to meet unprecedented new demand brought about by the COVID pandemic.

With a motto of “know the air you breathe,” Mold Authority has generated interest among homeowners and businesses alike, said brand president Thomas Re

“What was once almost an afterthought during the inspection process has now become front and center on everyone’s minds,” he said. “There’s been a paradigm shift in the way we understand the connection between air quality and illness. COVID proved that bad indoor air quality makes us sick.”

Based in the East Coast — the epicenter of the first wave of COVID in the U.S. — Mold Authority is looking to grow its franchise system throughout the country, as post-pandemic consumers are more focused than ever on the environment, their health and air quality.

With a loyal customer base in New York, New Jersey and the Carolinas, Mold Authority is poised to become a national leader in the air quality industry, which generates $4 billion annually.

From Awareness to Legal Necessity

The COVID-19 pandemic made people more mindful than ever of the air they breathe, and now as commercial businesses begin to open and welcome back patrons and employees, they have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure workplace safety and air quality to protect the health of all occupants. 

Even before the pandemic, states were increasingly mandating inspections and testing in homes and buildings where mold and other environmental issues may exist. 

In New York City, Local Law 55 was passed in January 2018 by the city council to address rising asthma rates and air quality concerns among NYC residents. The law requires landlords or property owners of buildings with three or more apartments to proactively address and prevent common indoor health hazards that trigger asthma.

Five states — California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Vermont and Virginia — and the District of Columbia have enacted state legislation explicitly establishing a landlord’s duty to prevent and address mold contamination as part of the landlord-tenant law or building/sanitary code. 

The state of Maine now requires landlords to test for and disclose radon levels in their properties, Illinois law requires landlords to disclose known elevated radon levels and Florida law requires that all rental agreements include a notification regarding the health risks of radon.

Coupled with the recent nationwide real estate boom, there’s become a huge need for Mold Authority’s services, as homesellers, real estate agents, property managers and landlords seek to meet legal thresholds regarding indoor air quality while homeowners and homebuyers look to protect their own long-term health.

Recognized Experts in a Rising Industry With Few Competitors

Licensed and certified through the Indoor Air Quality Association, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, the New York State Department of Labor, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection and the American Council for Accredited Certification, Mold Authority’s professionally trained owners and employees have been servicing mold issues for more than 18 years and are up-to-date on best mold remediation industry practices and protocol. 

Offering testing services for viruses (including COVID-19), lead, allergens, gases, asbestos, fire byproducts, mold, radon and other IAQ contaminants, Mold Authority is able to continuously monitor air and water quality in homes and business environments through its “Healthy Home Assurance” program, which tracks and monitors clients’ drinking water and air quality quarterly. 

“We created this program to help customers identify problems early on,” Re said. “Air quality issues become health issues, and that’s unacceptable. We want to ensure your air quality at home is healthy.”

With very little competition in this growing niche industry, Mold Authority is primed for expansion.

“While there is a fair amount of competition in the remediation space, there is very little in environmental inspection and testing,” Re said. “As the public becomes more aware of the health impacts of contaminants in the air we breathe and the water we drink, demand for our services continues to rise.”

A Growing Post-COVID Brand With High Profitability Potential 

Currently operating in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and South Carolina, Mold Authority is seeking franchise partners in Florida, Texas and California, due to the states’ high levels of heat, humidity and mold issues. 

With a goal of opening three to five new locations in 2021 and hundreds of locations in the next five to ten years, Mold Authority offers potential franchisees a high profitability potential and a very short runway from signing to opening. 

With an initial investment starting as low as $43,000, franchise owners can be trained and ready to service customers within 30 days. As a mobile operation with no brick-and-mortar location and no employees needed to start, Mold Authority franchises have little overhead, making a positive ROI much easier and faster to realize.

Mold Authority says current home inspectors and those in the home services field are an ideal fit for the brand, especially mom-and-pop inspection and testing businesses that can benefit from corporate support, brand recognition and a national franchise network. However, with their extensive training and onboarding, no prior training or expertise is required.

Mold Authority’s breadth of services gives franchisees multiple paths to profitability, and its Healthy Home Assurance program, a quarterly testing and inspection service for residential customers, offers recurring income streams. 

Offering air filtration devices, air filters, dehumidification systems, water filtration and other air quality products that improve the overall indoor environment, Mold Authority provides an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a post-COVID brand with high growth potential.

“Our long-term goal is to have hundreds of franchise locations in most markets nationwide,” Re said. “With plans to form partnerships with larger insurance companies, banks, real estate agencies and property managers, we are well-positioned as the go-to-company for quality and reliable air quality inspections and testing.”

The initial investment for a Mold Authority franchise ranges from $42,750 to $91,950, For more information about franchising with Mold Authority, visit